Remote Technology Preparedness

Working remotely? Technology Services has several resources to help you stay productive.

Password Reset

Can’t login and need a password reset? Reset your password at My Account Center or contact Technology Services.

Getting Email

Access Trinity email remotely using any of the following methods:

  1. From a smartphone. View setup instructions. You cannot view departmental mailboxes on a smartphone.
  2. From a computer using Outlook (requires Office 365). Use this method if you also need to access department mailboxes, such as Admissions, Enrollment Services and the Business Office.  Download O365 here and view Outlook setup instructions here.
    • Mac OS X users: Additional steps required to access department mailboxes which are documented here.
  3. From a computer using only a web browser. Login here.

Answering Phones

There are two ways in which you can place and answer Trinity phone calls:

  1. From a computer using Skype for Business (requires Office 365 and a microphone). This allows you to answer calls to the department main line. Download O365 here and view login instructions here.
  2. From a smartphone. This also allows you to receive department calls. View instructions here.

Listening to Voicemails

  • Your voicemails are automatically sent to your email. Access voicemail using the same steps you would use to access your email.
  • Department line voicemails, such as Admissions or Enrollment Services, are sent to the corresponding department emailbox. Use Outlook to access those mailboxes.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is only available between staff and faculty using two methods:

  1. From a computer using Skype for Business (requires Office 365 ). Download O365 here and view login instructions here.
  2. From a smartphone. View instructions here.

Virtual Conferencing

Technology Services supports the following two methods for virtual conferencing. We recommend that you setup a test conference ahead of time to address any compatibility issues with audio and video.

  1. From a computer using Skype for Business (requires Office 365 and a microphone or phone). Only use this if you are staff. Download O365 here and view login instructions here.
    1. How to create a meeting
    2. How to join a meeting
    3. How to share content in a meeting
  2. From a computer using Zoom (requires a microphone or phone). Available to all staff, faculty and students. We recommend using this for larger meetings or virtual classes.

Accessing Files & PowerCampus, Citrix Apps

Files and Citrix apps are remotely accessible through Secure Access VPN. VPN is granted upon request and approval of your Dean or Supervisor. Review instructions here with the necessary form to obtain access. Given the computing security requirements needed to successfully log into VPN, request approval and test your computer ahead of time. Failure to do both will lead to delays in being able to access these on-campus resources!