HHMI Inclusive Excellence

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence Initiative at Trinity

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), the largest private, nonprofit supporter of science education in the United States, selected Trinity Washington University in June 2017 to receive a $1 million grant to increase the retention and success of women of color, women from low-income areas and first-generation students pursuing science majors.

At the time of the award, in 2017, Trinity was one of only 24 schools, and the only women’s college, selected in the first round of HHMI’s Inclusive Excellence initiative, a new program that aims to increase the capacity of colleges and universities to effectively engage all students so they can be successful in science, especially undergraduates who enter four-year institutions via nontraditional pathways. Additional institutions have been awarded grants and as of spring 2020, there are 57 HHMI Inclusive Excellence institutions across the country.

“Trinity is deeply honored to be selected by the very prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute to increase the success of women of color in the sciences,” said President Patricia McGuire. “Trinity is one of the nation’s historic women’s colleges and our commitment to encouraging women to succeed in science goes back to our founding in 1897. With this new project, Trinity’s science faculty have created an exemplary initiative that builds on their remarkable commitment to our students and to mentoring and supporting women of color to excel in science.”




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