Academic Services Center

The Academic Services Center, located in the Library, provides a one-stop-shop for the following services:

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Academic Services Staff

Kimberly LaBoone, Ph.D., Director, Academic Services Center

Dr. LaBoone oversees academic support functions including peer tutoring and individual or group programs designed to help students improve their academic skills (studying, time management, test taking, note taking, etc.). She also manages certain institutional assessments such as the Accuplacer, institutional language testing, and make up exams.  202-884-9360 | Office location: Library 104



Sarah Young, Ed.D., Director, Disability Support Services

Dr. Young is responsible for providing academic accommodations to students who have documented disabilities and who self-identify as needing services. Dr. Young also advises faculty and staff on best practices for supporting students with disabilities in higher education as well as facilitates conversations between faculty/staff and students to help students fully access campus programs, services, and facilities. | 202-884-9227 | Office location: Main 212


Career Services Staff | 202-884-9363 | Office location: Library 103

Soulyka Agana-Woodbine, LMSW, Director, Career Development and Preparation

Career Services  provides assistance to students in all aspects of career planning, career development, and internship/job attainment. The staff helps to provide the necessary tools and resources that meet the individual career and educational goals of Trinity students. | 202.884.9367