Welcome to Creative Services, the multimedia and marketing resources department for faculty, staff & students at Trinity Washington University.

Spreading the word about the best parts of Trinity Washington University is what we do best! Take a look at the services we offer and let us know how we can help you!

Trinitydc.edu WordPress website maintenance

  • We can troubleshoot trinitydc.edu WordPress webpages that are broken or behaving in an unusual way
  • We can correct typos and other factual errors on any trinitydc.edu webpage
  • We can provide recommendations on formatting your web page content for accessibility to users with screen readers and other assistive technologies


Web content management and content manager training

  • We are happy to convert the content your office provides into responsive WordPress web pages on the trinitydc.edu website, including copy-editing and layout
  • For offices with robust subsites, we can provide training and access for capable office staff members to manage content on the office’s subsite
  • We manage the addition of access permissions for new content mangers (after training) or the removal of permissions
  • We can provide proofing and copy-editing for content submitted directly to us but do not do active monitoring of all new content added to site if not submitted directly to us (if an office has a content manager, we do not proof their work)


Integration of third-party web systems attached to the trinitydc.edu domain

  • If your office uses a third-party web system attached to the trinitydc.edu domain, we can help integrate that system with your web pages, though we cannot service the third party systems, nor provide training. Please contact the third-party service directly for help, if training or servicing is needed after we’ve completed linking the system. Most of these third-party services have help links right in the dashboard.
  • Third-party web systems include scheduling systems, application systems, client management systems, relationship management systems, databases, newsletter mail group/mail list systems, self-service and financial services systems, email/messaging/chat, forums and bulletin boards, calendaring systems, storage systems, gateways, portals, etc.


External advertising and other communications & marketing services

  • We provide limited graphic design and layout for specific ads or mailings
  • We continue to update previous ad assets for reuse
  • We can initiate access for sanctioned staff to existing email marketing accounts, but cannot provide training (training is provided by our email marketing service provider)
  • We can provide branded and attractive email layouts, but do not write individual emails, and do not do reporting on email performance
  • We do not provide full marketing plans, crisis communications or service SMS messaging services


Stewardship of all Trinity Washington University social media accounts

  • We maintain a record of login information of all officially sanctioned Trinity Washington University social media accounts for all offices to ensure ongoing institutional access, though we do not create content nor do reporting for all accounts.
  • We manage all content on Trinity Washington University’s general (non-departmental) social media accounts, but we cannot manage content for departmental or office social media accounts
  • We report on performance metrics of Trinity Washington University’s general (non-departmental) social media accounts and social media campaigns, but we do not provide any metrics for other departmental or external social media accounts
  • We schedule periodic training on social media basics for other officially sanctioned Trinity Washington University social media account administrators
  • We provide tracking URLs, shortened URLs, and redirection links for social sharing within marketing campaigns


Video and audio production services

  • We oversee videography and/or livestreaming of major milestone and annual campus events, such as commencement
  • We provide audio production for specific major marketing campaigns and institution-wide use
  • We produce short videos for specific major marketing campaigns and institution-wide use
  • We can advise on best practices for running a virtual meeting recording for best quality video recordings, but we do not run virtual meetings, and we are unable to troubleshoot Zoom issues, including downloading recordings, for that please file a help ticket with IT
  • We manage the official TrinityDC YouTube channel and all official playlists


Photography services

  • We oversee photography, of major milestone and annual campus events, such as commencement.
  • We provide photography for specific major marketing campaigns and institution-wide use.
  • We do photo retouching for specific major marketing campaigns and institution-wide use.
  • We provide portrait photography of new staff for “meet the staff” pages.


Graphics and visual design services

  • We can do minor graphic element work on a limited basis, though we do not do major graphic design projects except for updating some existing ongoing graphic design projects
  • We can provide e-signatures and letterhead for offices.
  • We provide standard virtual meeting backgrounds and slideshow presentation templates


Additional ongoing services

  • We continue to develop and maintain WordPress installation and theme, as well as update (but do not service/troubleshoot) plugins and administer the web hosting account

Other services:

Creative Services Web Maintenance and regular Functionality Hygiene Schedule

Creative Services completes regular upgrades, updates, web maintenance, and functionality hygiene checks to ensure the Trinity DC website runs at peak condition. The time allotted for these operations is very brief, but may affect speed of the website, or even access to parts of the website while they occur. To minimize inconvenience for our users, Creative Services will perform these operations at off-peak times during traditionally low-usage days, mainly on holiday weekends:

  • January 2
  • February: The Saturday before President’s Day
  • Late March/Early April: Holy Thursday
  • June: The first day of any Juneteenth Holiday or Juneteenth itself if it falls midweek
  • Late August/Early September: The Saturday before Labor Day
  • November: The Wednesday of Thanksgiving Weekend

In addition, Creative Services may have to perform emergency upgrades on the website very rarely outside of this schedule. If this is the case, an ALL-TRINITY bulletin will be sent prior to those operations. The schedule above, however, is meant to minimize the need for any such emergency operations.

Trinity Washington University Creative Services Privacy Policy regarding data collected through social media: 

Information and personal data collected through The @TrinityDC Twitter, @TrinityWashingtonUniversity Instagram, @TrinityDC Facebook, or Trinity Washington University LinkedIn account is used exclusively by Trinity Washington University, internally. We do not share or sell any information we collect through these accounts with outside or third party entities.

Resources for all of our colleagues in all departments & offices

Resources for all of our colleagues in all departments & offices

Resources for our colleagues in the Sister Helen Sheehan Library

Resources for our colleagues in the Sister Helen Sheehan Library

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Resources for our colleagues in Admissions

Resources for our colleagues in Admissions