Student Achievements

This page includes data on student achievements at Trinity including graduation rates according to the IPEDS data system, retention and persistence rates, pass rates on licensure exams (also available on the program pages) and other relevant information required by the federal government and accreditation agencies.

IPEDS Graduation and Retention Rates

Students who enroll as first-time full-time students in Trinity’s College of Arts and Sciences become a federally-determined cohort for tracking “graduation rate” data.  The system through which Trinity must report this data to the federal government is know as IPEDS (the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System).   Federal law requires the posting of the IPEDS graduation rate overall, and by ethnicity and gender.  Trinity’s IPEDS data is below; note that the cohorts are 100% female:

Graduation, Transfer and Retention Rates
Cohort Measured First-Time Full-Time Cohort Start Year (Fall)
2014 2015
Overall Graduation Rate 46% 41%
Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity
Black 32% 41%
Hispanic 58% 62%
Asian 50%
White 33% 100%
2 or more races 33% 75%
Race Unknown 43% 43%
By Financial Aid Type
Pell Grants 38% 45%
Stafford Loans 26% 44%
Neither Pell or Stafford 83% 68%
Transfer-Out Rate 27% 24%
First to Second Year Retention Rate
Full-time First Year Retention 77%
Part-time First Year Retention 63%

Placement and Employment Rates

Periodically, Trinity conducts surveys of our graduates to determine employment and satisfaction.  The most recent survey occurred in Fall 2019.  A new survey will occur in Fall 2023.  The results of the 2019 survey reveal that:

  • 95% of Trinity’s graduates across the last 20 years are employed; those who are not employed largely report that they are caretakers for children or elders, engaged in volunteer service or retired.
  • $65,000 is the median salary reported by graduates of the decade 2010 to 2019;
  • $80,000 is the median salary reported by graduates of the decade 2000 to 2009;
  • $80,000 is the median salary for all graduates across all decades;
  • 94% of all graduates report that they are satisfied or “very” satisfied with their Trinity education.

Licensure Pass Rates

NCLEX First-Time Pass Rates  (For more on Nursing at Trinity visit the Nursing home page)

Year Pass Rate
10/1/2017 – 9/30/2018 82.61%
10/1/2018 – 9/30/2019 88.64%
10/1/2019 – 9/30/2020 100%
10/1/2020 – 9/30/2021 93.33%
10/1/2021 – 9/30/2022 80%


Inventory of Trinity Compliance with Federal Regulations

To review all Trinity policies related to federal compliance, visit the compliance page below:

Trinity Compliance Page