During the coronavirus emergency, we will not always be able to help you in person, but we can still help you virtually! Please use this contact list to stay in touch:

  1. Want to access payroll forms/copies of paystubs/copies of W2s/review current benefits? Go to the ADP Workforcenow. If you need to create an account, click the Create New Account link and follow the prompts. Please use the following registration code when prompted: TWU1897
  2. For faculty or staff recruitment and current searches – contact Chandra Hawkins at hawkinscha@trinitydc.edu , 202-884-9142; or Tracey Prince Ross at princetr@trinitydc.edu, 202-884-9126.
  3. For TimeForce questions, contact Hanan Adnan at adnanh@trinitydc.edu, or call 202-884-9141; or email humanresources@trinitydc.edu.
  4. Faculty and staff who have medical or vision insurance questions, contact United Healthcare at www.myuhc.com or call 866-633-2446. Group #914051
  5. Faculty and staff who have dental insurance questions, contact MetLife Dental at www.metlife.com/mybenefits or call 800-275-4638. Group#5737617
  6. Faculty and staff who need to escalate their health insurance or dental insurance concerns, please contact Michelle Burke at burkemi@trinitydc.edu or call 202-884-9127.
  7. For address changes/direct deposit changes, tax changes, please email humanresources@trinitydc.edu.
  8. For international student questions or student employment questions, contact Hanan Adnan at adnanh@trinitydc.edu or call 202-884-9121.
  9. For general HR questions, email humanresources@trinitydc.edu.


Work for Trinity

Trinity is committed to the welfare and development of its workforce through continuous (lifelong) learning, information sharing, and an equitable and safe work environment.  A list of current openings can always be found online by clicking the link below.

Strategic Goal

Consistent with the goals for enrollments, programmatic development and technological expectations, Trinity will hire, train, compensate, assess, support and retain faculty and staff at the levels necessary to meet the institutional goals.

Benefits at Trinity

Trinity offers a competitive and comprehensive benefit package for faculty and staff. A brief benefit summary can be viewed on this website. For more detailed plan information, employees should log into their ADP online accounts.

Contact Us

Should you wish to contact the Office of Human Resources, here’s how:

Main 134
125 Michigan Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20017

Phone: 202-884-9121

Fax: 202 884-9123