Technology Services Operating Hours

Technology Services’ operating hours are 8AM to 7PM Monday – Friday and 8AM to 5PM Saturday.

While our office is open and able to receive customers Monday through Saturday, virtual support is only available between 5PM to 7PM on Thursday and Friday.

For Students

For Faculty & Staff

Get Ready for School!

Be prepared with Back to School deals on great laptops! Plus, as a Trinity student, you get Office 365 for free! Shop now




Terranova securityCybersecurity Awareness

Security awareness training is a type of cyber security education that gives you the knowledge to protect against cybercriminals. Do you know what to look for? Learn more




Apple AirPlay

Most classrooms are AirPlay enabled! Stream your Apple device’s screen wirelessly to classroom projectors. Learn more




Go Green, Print Lean!

Go green, print lean! Reduce waste and conserve paper. We encourage students, faculty, and staff always print double-sided. Students that take advantage of double-sided printing can halve the cost of a print job! Learn more