Printing from a Personal Device

Students and faculty can print from a personal computer or smartphone using the PaperCut Mobility Print app or Web Print! Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Android and Chromebook are all supported. To get started, first determine whether you will use Mobility Print or Web Print. Both print options only work while on campus. Off-campus printing is not supported.

Mobility Print Web Print
  • Native printing with more print options such as double-sided
  • No app required for iOS or Mac OS; just connect to Trinity’s wifi and print!
  • More supported documents
  • Recommended if you will be printing frequently
No app required; uses a web browser only
Cons App required for Chromebook, Windows and Android smartphones Limited print options such as no double-sided

Places to Print

You can print to the following locations from either Mobility Print or Web Print:

  • Academic Center copiers
  • Library
    • G102 lab printer*
    • 1st floor copiers
    • 2nd floor public printer*
  • Main Hall
    • Deli lounge copier
    • 238 lab printer*
    • 242 lab printer*
    • 259A and 350 (faculty and adjunct faculty only)

*print jobs sent to lab printers are printed immediately and not held in a queue for release

Using Mobility Print

  1. Log into Trinity’s wifi with your username and password. If you log in as guest, it won’t work.
  2. Navigate to (accessible only on campus) to install the appropriate app for your device.
  3. When you go to print, look for Trinity’s printers & copiers in your list of printers.
  4. Print jobs will be held in queue until you walk up to the copier and unlock it with your Trinity ID, unless you are printing to a printer in 238 and 242, etc.

Using Web Print

  1. Log into the PaperCut Portal at with your Trinity login. This URL only works on campus!
  2. After successfully logging in, click Web Print.
  3. Click Submit a Job.
  4. Select the appropriate printer and click Print Options.
  5. Enter the number of copies and click Upload Document when ready to proceed.
  6. Click Browse and select your document.
    • The document must be one of the supported file types.
    • The file size must be smaller than 25 Megabytes.
  7. Click Upload & Complete when ready.
  8. The document status will briefly say Rendering. If successful, the document’s status will change to Held in queue.
    Screen capture of the Web Print Queue
  9. At the ACC Lab or Library, swipe your Trinity ID or input your Trinity login into the display to have your document printed. If you are printing to an HP LaserJet, it will instead be printed immediately.
  10. Log out when finished to prevent misuse of your account!

Supported Documents in Web Print

Web Print currently supports the following documents:

 Adobe Acrobat PDF
 Microsoft Word 2003 or later
 Microsoft Excel 2003 or later
 Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or later
 Microsoft XPS