Spam Email Protection

Spam protection is automatically enabled on all Trinity mailboxes. Email flagged as spam will be delivered to a folder named Junk Email. It is possible that a legitimate email may be marked as spam, otherwise known as a false-positive. Follow the instructions below on how to manage your allow and block lists to always-allow or always-block specific email senders.

Managing Your Allow & Block List

To always-allow or always-block specific email senders, right-click on an email, select Junk, and click on the appropriate action you wish to take on the email sender.

  • To block an individual sender, click Block Sender.
  • To always allow emails from the sender, click Never block Sender.

If you utilize Outlook Web Access rather than the Outlook desktop client, allow and block lists operate the same. Right-click on any email, select Block, and then select either Block sender or Never block sender.