Technology Services Green Initiatives

Aligning with the University’s commitment to “going green,” we focus strategic investments and services into reducing waste, improving energy efficiency and promoting a greener environment through smarter use of technology. Below are some of the initiatives Technology Services has implemented.

  • Go Green, Print Lean!
    We strongly encourage all students, faculty, and staff to print double-sided to conserve paper, save the environment, and even save a little money. Students that take advantage of double-sided printing can halve the cost of print jobs! In summer ’13, we’ve simplified the process. Additionally, emails and syllabi automatically convert to double-sided printing. Learn how you can help conserve paper too!

    • Facts for the 2013-2014 Academic Year…
      • Students, faulty and staff printed out 1,479,282 pages.
      • 59% of pages were double-sided, saving 433,383 sheets of paper
    • Facts for the 2012-2013 Academic Year…
      • Students, faculty and staff consumed 1,338,253 pages.
      • 30% of pages were double-sided, saving 202,252 sheets of paper
  • Energy Efficiency
    All desktop computers purchased since 2009 are ENERGY STAR, EPEAT Gold rated. We have also replaced all CRT monitors with ENERGY STAR LCD monitors, many of which are EPEAT Silver rated. Furthermore, all desktops, monitors, and copiers enter a low power saving mode when idle. Projectors are centrally managed and shut off every evening.
  • Virtualization
    We make extensive use of virtualization in the data center. This significantly reduces our computing footprint, thereby cutting energy and cooling requirements. Our data center is 86% virtualized and increasing.
  • Recycling
    We partner with a local certified recycler to handle the institution’s e-waste. All equipment handled by our e-waste recycler is stripped down to individual, raw components for re-use. At the end of summer ’12, we recycled approximately 3.6 tons of e-waste.