Telephone Service in Residence Halls

Due to the popularity of cell phones, as of July 10th, 2015, in-room telephone service will be discontinued. All residence halls are equipped with a general-purpose hall phone capable of making local phone calls. Hall phones are located on every floor and in lobbies. It is imperative that Campus Housing has your cell phone number in-case of an emergency.

Don’t have a cell phone? A number of free or low-cost services exist to make and receive phone calls. These services rely on a smartphone, tablet or computer with wifi or a 3G/4G data plan.

Service Fee Website
Google Voice Free if calling US or Canada; international rates apply
Skype 2.3¢/min or $2.95/month for unlimited calling
Viber 1.3¢/min
magicJack / magicApp $1.99/month for unlimited calling with magicApp