PaperCut Frequently Asked Questions

General PaperCut Questions


Q. How do I purchase print credit?

Visit our documentation on purchasing PaperCut print credit.

Q. How do I check my remaining print credit balance?

Visit our documentation on checking my print credit balance.

Q. How do I print double-sided?

Visit our Double-Sided Printing documentation for detailed instructions.

Q. How do I print in color?

Visit our Color Printing documentation for detailed instructions.

Q. How do I cancel a print job?

Visit our Cancelling a Print Job documentation for detailed instructions.

Q. How do I register for a guest PaperCut account?

Guest registration is not necessary if you are a Trinity student. However, if you are visiting Trinity for an event, such as a career fair, you will be required to register for a guest PaperCut account prior to printing and/or copying. Information Technology Services cannot retrieve forgotten passwords.

  1. Browse to the URL
  2. Fill all fields completely and click Register.
  3. A confirmation page will be displayed upon successful guest registration.

Q. What is the PaperCut Portal?

The PaperCut Portal is a website you can log into for the following:

  • Purchase print credit.
  • Utilize PaperCut’s Web Print feature.
  • Checking the remaining print balance available for your account.
  • View a summary of total jobs and pages printed.
  • View the environmental impact of your print jobs.
  • View transaction history for your print credits.
  • View list jobs queued for printing.

Access to the PaperCut Portal is only available on-campus computers and personal laptops connected to Trinity’s wireless network.

Q. What is Web Print?

Web Print is a feature accessible from the PaperCut Portal which enables printing from student or guest-owned laptops without requiring the installation of print drivers or software. For more details, visit our documentation on Using PaperCut Web Print.

Q. What is my username and password?