Trinity Policies

Trinity reserves the right to interpret or change its policies as the need arises. A policy is not a contract. In addition to the policies listed below, many policies are included in the Academic Catalog, and the Academic, Employee and Student Handbooks. These documents should be read carefully.

Honor Code

All members of the Trinity community are expected to abide by the university’s Honor Code:

“I realize the responsibly involved in membership in the Trinity community. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this community. I also affirm my intentions to live according to the standards of honor, to which lying, stealing, and cheating are opposed. I will help others to maintain this responsibly in all matters essential to the common good of the community.”

Academic Policies/Handbooks

Other Handbooks

Compliance With Federal Regulations

Many of the policies and handbooks linked on this page also satisfy Trinity’s compliance with federal regulations.  For the complete list of compliance activities, see Inventory of Trinity Compliance With Federal Regulations.