Professional Development for Teachers, Counselors and School Administrators

Trinity Washington University’s Office of Continuing Education offers courses for teachers and education professionals in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas seeking graduate level courses to maintain certification requirements. Courses are offered in an intensive format to fit the schedules of busy educators.

Each credit bearing course awards three graduate level credits at a tuition rate of $530 per course. Click here to learn how you can save $50 just by registering online early. Click the image below to view the current semester course schedule.

*The Spring 2023 schedule is available now: Click Here*

*The Spring 2023 Admin I Internship Application is available now: Click Here*

All spring 2023 courses will meet in a remote online format. Courses normally scheduled in person will be offered in a synchronous online format with live online class meetings during the scheduled dates and times. Supplemental instruction will be provided in Moodle and work will be required outside of the scheduled live class time. We will also be offering one fully online asynchronous course session. Only one course may be taken in the same online synchronous session. More than one course may be taken in an online asynchronous session.

Disability Support Services

Any student who is taking Continuing Education (CE) classes and may need accommodations for a disability, must register with Disability Support Services (DSS).

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Submit an Accommodation Registration Intake Form
  2. After submitting your intake form, please submit Supportive Documentation to DSS.
  3. When the above steps are completed, you will meet with DSS staff to discuss accommodations and next steps.

If you are a CE student who requires interpreter services (ASL), you must also complete the online request at least four (4) weeks prior to your class start date.  Doing so will allow DSS ample time to secure certified American Sign Language interpreters. Note: this is not submitted in lieu of registering with DSS for accommodations; both are required.

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Remember to register 7 days in advance to avoid  a $50 late registration fee.

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