May 24, 2021


Dear Trinity Center Member,


Great news! The Trinity Center is reopening! Beginning on Monday, June 7, 2021, we are excited to finally welcome you back to the center.

Upon reopening there will be a few changes, some temporary, some permanent, but all to keep our members and staff healthy and safe, while ensuring a smooth transition back into facility use and maintaining the high-quality service our members deserve.

  • Trinity is requiring all persons on campus to be vaccinated. All entering the Trinity Center must be vaccinated and provide proof upon first return to the center. On your first visit, please bring your vaccination card. During your first return visit, staff will update your profile to show compliance. We will not keep a copy of your vaccination card.
  • Trinity continues to require masks indoors for all people. Masks will be required at all times when in the Trinity Center, except while in the swimming pool.
  • All people entering the Trinity Center must scan-in and/or complete the sign-in form
  • For Summer 2021, facility hours will temporarily adjust to the following:
    • Monday – Friday; 6:30am-5:30pm
    • Saturday; 8am-12pm
    • Sunday; closed
  • All those using the facility must have an active membership. No guests will be allowed.
  • Exercise classes will temporarily remain virtual for Summer 2021. Members are welcome to come and participate in the virtual group classes in the center aerobics room. Please make sure we have your correct email address associated with your EZ Facility profile, as this is how class links will be shared.
  • Aquatics classes should begin in July.
  • NEW monthly virtual membership option
    • This $40/month membership level will give you the ability to still receive emails, links, and passwords for all our virtual exercise. It does not include facility use. To sign up for our new virtual membership option, please call the Trinity Center at 202-884-9092.
    • Once set-up each user can view their profile through the EZ Facility self-service site at If you need any assistance or have any EZ Facility related questions, please feel free to contact us.

As a reminder, all memberships were put on a freeze as of March 17, 2020. We will unfreeze all memberships on June 7th. If you have any questions about your membership level, or date of upcoming renewal, please feel free to reach out to the Trinity Center staff directly.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either myself at or 202-884-9092 or Tamika Hilliard at or 202-884-9090.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Trinity’s Athletic Center

The Trinity Center for Women and Girls in Sports is a $20 million state-of-the-art athletic, recreational and educational complex located in the heart of Trinity Washington University’s campus in northeast Washington. Proudly the nation’s largest facility dedicated to women and girls in sports, the Trinity Center is home to Trinity’s NCAA Division III athletic programs and the Trinity College community.

  • The Trinity Center is free to all enrolled Trinity students!

Make the Trinity Center Your Home for Fitness

Work out on your own, or join one of our great fitness programs! We have memberships available for individuals and families. To meet the needs of area schools, community organizations and local businesses, the Trinity Center has facility rentals for organized sports and special events.

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or stop by the front desk where we would be happy to assist you.

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