Welcome to Campus Ministry

Campus ministry invites the participation of all students of various faith and cultural backgrounds.  As a Catholic ministry, we seek to serve the needs of a diverse college community of students, faculty and staff.  Therefore, all are welcome at Wednesday 12 noon Mass as well as Monday 4pm Interfaith gatherings, as we nurture a spirit of unity and respect.  Campus Ministry offers worship opportunities, interfaith services, service and justice opportunities, and spiritual support.

Summer Cunneen Fellows

Campus Ministry is accepting applications for the Sr. Seton Cunneen Summer Fellowship 2019 up until March 15.  Students with strong academic standing and goals for learning through full-time service are invited to apply.  Ask yourself this, ‘What effort would I want to support through full-time summer service, and so make the world a better place?’  Also, learn how a non-profit works and see how good is exercised in serving the young, the old, the poor, the vulnerable, the sick and the ‘newly arrived’.  Stipend and housing information is accessed through campus ministry.  Hear the call to grasp this summer 2019 and be a Cunneen Fellow from Trinity!

Gospel Choir

Trinity Gospel Choir collaborated with Elizabeth Seton High School Gospel Choir to perform a rousing concert on December 3, 2018, in Social Hall.  What a beautiful way to begin Advent and to share the holiday spirit among us at Trinity! Thank you, musicians!  Thanks to Mr. Samuel Cromwell, Director of both choirs!  Trinity students and alumnae upon returning next semester, consider joining the gospel choir!
Natalie Queen and Sharron-Rose Kisalu sing solos…well done!

Building Community

Enjoying commencement!Our mission advances the spiritual values of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, founders of Trinity, who believe that education and spirituality transform lives. We strive to model diversity, interdependence, solidarity, and inclusiveness, reaching across racial, ethnic, and religious lines.

Spiritual Resources

Catholic Mass on Wednesdays at 12 Noon, Chapel in Main Hall
Mindfulness Mondays at 4:15 pm Chapel in Main Hall
Wednesday Reflection (on Sunday’s gospel) at 4:15 pm Chapel in Main Hall
Gospel Choir on Mondays at 7, Chapel in Main Hall

Community Service & Social Justice

Marthas table miranda and ClementineDuring my time at Little Sisters of the Poor I observed: Tight Knit Community, Organization, Routine, Caring Staff… I helped with dinner service, attended mass with the residents, created daily calendars, helped transport residents to units and lead in evening activities.”  These words describe student Lindsay Washington’s experience in volunteering in a local residence for DC elders.   Serving the poor and vulnerable, Trinity Washington University students add their strengths and energies to various sites throughout the District.  Whether reading with young ones, visiting with elders, serving breakfast to the homeless poor, or supper at Christ House, students are getting involved in community service, thus learning about social justice.  Campus ministry offers our volunteers direction towards connecting with the service of their choice early in the semester.

Contact Information

Sr. Ann Howard
Director of Campus Ministry
Main Hall 219
Phone: 202-884-9608
Email: HowardAn@TrinityDC.edu

Upcoming Events