2019-2020 Registered Student Organizations

Business and Economics club

To promote the exchange of ideas in business and economics; to provide fellowship among students and faculty while extending our members educational experience beyond the classroom.

Student Leaders: Trechele Parker                               Advisor: Dr. Lynda Jackson

Chess Club

To introduce the game of chess and to develop critical thinking skills beyond the classroom.

Student Leaders: Sr. Cristina Garces                          Advisor: Dr. Steven Gable

Dreamers Alliance

To come together as a united group to help each other through the college experience; advocate on behalf of Dreamers and the undocumented community; and to foster an atmosphere of communication and understanding at all times.

Student Leaders: Daniela Zelaya                                Advisor: Ms. Tabatha Cuadra

Graduate Counseling Association

To keep all counseling graduate students informed regarding events, activities, research and academic life specifically related to school and mental health counseling.

Student Leaders:  Destinee Smith                          Advisor: Dr. Luane Oprea

Ladies Fierce in Research, Science and Technology (Ladies F.I.R.S.T.)

Seeks to promote the interest of students in STEM discipline as well as enrich learning opportunities for the Trinity community regarding significant breakthroughs, pioneers and career opportunities.

Student Leaders: Silvia D. Medina-Balcazar and Nyanda Wright                           Advisor: Dr. Patrice Moss

Model United Nations

Model UN club engages in simulation of the United Nations system by learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events.

President: Margarita Vasquez-Martinez                                 Advisor: Dr. James Stoker

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association will educate and provide information for both Muslims and non-Muslims.  This club will also work to unify religions.

President: Zakiyyah Jones                                          Advisor: Dr. Roxana Moayedi

Psychology Club

To stimulate positive self-growth, interactive thinking, positive emotional health, and awareness to mental health issues around our community. To physically communicate our mission, we plan to interactively promote psychology through information sessions, events, and community service.

Student Leaders: Gerizim Perez                                   Advisor: Dr. Deborah Harris-O’Brien

Student Occupational Therapy Association

To provide a space for peer mentoring/tutoring/studying, advocacy and marketing of OT and to promote community health and wellness.

Student Leaders: TBD                                     Advisor:  Lisa Simmons

Trinity Sister Fellowship

To provide a space for students to engage in discussions and to study the bible.

Student Leaders: Ewaoluwa Ogundana                Advisor: Sr. Ann Howard

Women’s Student Action Coalition (W.S.A.C)

To provide a space and medium for students to engage in discussions of feminist issues.

Student Leaders: Sayra Lopez                      Advisor: Dr. Jamey Piland


For more information about getting involved in any of the above organizations, please contact Dean Meechie Bowie at 202-884-9611