2023-2024 Registered Student Clubs


Black Student Alliance

Mission: To learn about Black culture in addition to discussing the issues that affect Black women and the Black community. The Black Student Alliance welcomes all to join! Instagram: @trinity_bsa

Student Leaders: Binta Diakite, President
Club Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Monroe

Business and Economics Club

Mission: To promote the exchange of ideas in business and economics; to provide fellowship among students and faculty while extending our members educational experience beyond the classroom. Instagram: @trinity.bosses

Student Leaders: Darlene Carmichael, President
Club Advisor: Dr. Lynda Jackson

Butterfly Network

Mission: To come together as a united group to help each other through the college experience; advocate on behalf of Dreamers and the undocumented community; and to foster an atmosphere of communication and understanding at all times. Instagram: @wearethebn

Student Leaders: Karla Nunez, President | Yaquelin Gonzalez, Vice President
Club Advisor: Janet Perez-Aguilera

International Students Association

Mission: To provide peer support to students who are relatively new to the U.S. and/or Washington D.C. as well as give all members a platform to share their cultures and advocate for issues affecting their relative subgroups.

Student Leaders:
Club Advisor:

Ladies Fierce in Research, Science and Technology (Ladies F.I.R.S.T.)

Mission: To promote the interest of students in STEM discipline as well as enrich learning opportunities for the Trinity community regarding significant breakthroughs, pioneers and career opportunities. Instagram: @ladiesfirsttrinitydc

Student Leaders: Lidia Munoz, President | Melanny Lopez-Coromado, Vice President
Club Advisor: Dr. Patrice Moss

Psychology Club

Mission: To stimulate positive self-growth, interactive thinking, positive emotional health, and awareness of mental health issues around our community. To physically communicate our mission, we

plan to interactively promote psychology through information sessions, events, and community service. Instagram: @twupsychologyclub

Student Leaders:  Ariana Herrera, President | Yaquelin Gonzalez, Vice President
Club Advisor: Dr. Deborah Harris-O’Brien

Rainbow Space

Mission: To promote visibility and acceptance throughout the Trinity community, providing a safe nonjudgmental space as a support network for LGBTQIA+ students. Instagram: @therainbowspace_

Student Leaders: Katia Vinogradov, President

Club Advisor: Dr. Jamey Piland

Trinity Sister Fellowship

Mission: To provide a space for students to engage in discussions and to study the bible. Instagram:@twusisters

Student Leaders: Hewan Deyass, President
Club Advisor: Sr. Ann Howard

Student Parent Alliance

Mission: To provide a safe space for parents to communicate, learn about campus and community resources, discuss challenges and hardships, celebrate our joys and achievements, and advocate for a welcoming environment on campus. Instagram: @trinitystudentparentalliance

Student Leaders: Raylin Nunez, President | Shakeelah Ali, Vice President
Club Advisor: Professor Jill Weiler

Sustainable Initiatives Club

Mission: To improve the local environment by educating our Trinity sisters on how to instill sustainable practices into their daily lives and encouraging them to make a change within their communities. The club will practice these values by working with local leaders and neighbors and partnering with organizations to improve the well-being of the Trinity community. Instagram: @sustainableinitiativesclub

Student Leaders: Claudia Rosa-Rivera, President | Cecilia Rivas, Vice President
Club Advisor: Professor Mahshid Khavari

Women’s Student Action Coalition (W.S.A.C)

To empower women to promote intersectional feminism by eliminating sexism and all interrelated forms of inequality around race/ethnicity, sexuality, economic class and ability. Instagram: @trinityfeminists

Student Leaders: Noemi Sanchez-Cruz, President | Gifti Mideksa, Vice President
Club Advisor: Dr. Jamey Piland

For more information about getting involved in any of the above organizations, please contact Dean Meechie Bowie at 202-884-9611.