Dr. Jamey Piland

Associate Professor of Communication

Phone: 202-884-9554
Office: Main 267


  • B.A., Rhetoric & Communication, California State University, Fresno
  • M.A., Interpersonal Communication, University of Montana
  • Ph.D., Rhetoric & Communication, University of Oregon


  • Personal and social relationships
  • Pedagogy for teaching gender & violence
  • Feminist pedagody for teaching learning communities, conflict and ADR

Select Works Published

  • The Role of Communication Scholars in Learning Community Initiatives in Spectra
    Piland, J. A., National Communication Association: Washington DC, 2011
  • Building a Just Community on a Colllege Campus in Comtemporary Justice Review
    Rader V, Piland, J., Pascarell, R., Taylor & Francis: New York, 2002


My teaching philosophy is based on two principles: active student learning should be grounded in student learning outcomes; and curricular assessment influences acquisition of knowledge.

My goal as a teacher is to create a student-centered learning environment that fosters critical thinking skills; facilitates the acquisition of competency in both oral and written communication; and pursues critical thought beyond the confines of existing knowledge to strive for a greater understanding of social justice, civic responsibilities and rhetorical obligations.