Dr. Lynda Jackson

Associate Professor of Business Administration; Adviser, Business Internships and Mentoring Programs

Phone: 202-884-9235
Office: Main 334


  • B.A., Political Science, University of Hawaii
  • M.S., Public Administration, Central Michigan University
  • D.Mgt., Management, University of Maryland, University College


  • Enhancing the body of knowledge on the most powerful success factors for minority women. Focus is on the importance that should be placed on minority women gaining access to mentors, formal and informal networks and role models.

Select Works Published

  • Mentoring: A Key Success Factor for Minority Women in the U.S. Federal Senior Executive Service
    Lynda C. Jackson and Marcia M. Bouchard, SAM Advanced Management Journal, Volume 84, Edition 4, 2019
  • Mentoring: An External Success Factor for Minority Women
    Lynda C. Jackson, Mentoring Institute Conference, University of New Mexico,


My teaching philosophy is focused on encouraging students to raise their aspirations for their future careers and helping them recognize the significance of ethics, leadership, and community service. The textbook is always a wonderful tool, but I believe experiential exercises and interactive discussions involving critical thinking are equally valuable. Overall, my classroom leadership is directed toward impacting and inspiring students on a level that motivates them to reach for excellence in every single task they pursue. My student centered teaching involves consistently motivating students to reach for career success and settle for nothing less!