Trinity Traditions

Since the first students arrived at Trinity, each class year has been identified with one of four class colors.

  • Class of 2024: Red  (Seniors)
  • Class of 2025: Blue (Juniors)
  • Class of 2026: Green (Sophomore)
  • Class of 2027: Gold  (First Year)

Class days

Each class sponsors specific day during the academic school year.

  • October: Gold
  • November: Blue
  • February: Red
  • March: Green

Convocation and First Year Medal – The Trinity Medal

At the culmination of CAS First Year Orientation in August, the first year students participate in an important ceremony marking the point of their entrance into the Trinity Community.  The Convocation, receipt of the First Year Medal (The Trinity Medal), and signing of the Honor Book provides an occasion for first year students to reflect on the meaning of the Honor System.  The Trinity Medal bonds the new first year students to the many generations who have worn this medal since Trinity’s earliest days.

Cap and Gown Convocation

Trinity seniors receive their caps and gowns at the Cap and Gown Convocation on the last weekend in October.  Receipt of the cap and gown is a cherished moment in the lives of Trinity undergraduates, a recognition of the achievement of at least 88 academic credits, and entrance into senior year.  Families and friends gather for the Convocation along with Alumnae.  At the Convocation, the first year class also receive their first symbol of membership in the Trinity community, their class banner.