Trinity Student Handbook

Introduction to the Trinity Student Handbook

Trinity Washington University promulgates this Student Handbook to students enrolled in all Trinity programs.  This document is a valuable guide to the policies, procedures and programs that shape the Trinity Washington University campus community and the values of our learning experience.

This Handbook incorporates all policy statements located online at  as well as written policies in other formats (hard copy, email, Moodle, Self-Service) that Trinity may choose to promulgate from time to time.  Trinity reserves the right to amend, revoke or expand upon these policies at any time.  Trinity makes every effort to inform students of policy changes, but students are also responsible to stay informed of policies affecting their academic and co-curricular life while enrolled at Trinity.

As Trinity’s Mission Statement proclaims, Trinity’s purpose is to provide educational opportunities for students across the lifespan, and students at Trinity represent a spectrum of ages, beliefs, abilities, interests and backgrounds.  However, in the midst of the remarkable diversity of the Trinity Community, all students can find common ground in the shared commitment to the Honor System, to principles of self-governance, to academic excellence in liberal learning and professional preparation, to the advancement of women and justice for all, to the values inherent in Trinity’s religious tradition as a Catholic university welcoming students of all faiths.

Trinity asks all students to take the time to become familiar with this Student Handbook and related policy statements, to participate in student government and other campus activities, and to take full advantage of the wonderful co-curricular learning opportunities that exist at Trinity.

This Student Handbook is a companion document to the Academic Catalog that states academic policies and financial information, and other policy statements.  While every effort has been made to capture all relevant student life policies in one place through this Handbook, from time to time new policies are necessary and older policies or processes need revision.  Hence, Trinity reserves the right to change this document and the statements within it as necessary, and this document should not be construed as a contract.

The Executive Officers of Trinity are responsible for the oversight of these policies and this document.  On a day-to-day basis, the Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Student Services and Deans of the respective schools are responsible for the administration of these policies under the oversight of the President, Provost and Vice Presidents.

Note:  The Student Athlete Handbook, Nursing Student Handbook, Teacher Candidate Internship Guidebook, School Counselor Program Student Guidebook, Educational Administration Internship Guidebook, and such other program handbooks and guidebooks as may exist or be created are incorporated by reference into this Trinity Student Handbook for those student populations for whom the individual handbooks and guidebooks are pertinent.   ALL STUDENTS are covered by this Trinity Student Handbook in addition to the particular programmatic handbooks.

Policies Incorporated Into the Student Handbook

All Trinity policies are linked on the Trinity website.  This Student Handbook incorporates all policies by reference in this section.  Below are the most significant policies related to student conduct and student life generally.  Students must know and abide by all policies.

Major Policy Statements Regarding Student Conduct Expectations

The Trinity Honor System

Academic Honesty Policy

Student Code of Responsible Conduct

Professional Student Code of Conduct

Student Financial Responsibility

Harassment Policy

Sexual Misconduct (Title IX Policy)

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

Residence Life Policies

Other Important Policy Statements Regarding Student Conduct

Missing Students

Smoking on Campus

Policy on the Protection of Children on Campus

Technology and Telecommunications Policy

Information Access and Security

Disciplinary Proceedings

Due Process and Disciplinary Proceedings for Non-Academic Misconduct

Student Government, Clubs and Organizations

Student Government

Student Clubs and Organizations

Trinity Traditions, Honors and Awards

Trinity Traditions

Trinity Honor Societies and Awards
Alpha  Sigma Lambda
Phi Chi
Phi Beta Kappa


Student Affairs
Career Services
Health and Wellness Center
Community Connections