Technology Services Mission & Goals

Information Technology Services (ITS) aims to provide the IT services necessary to support the University in being a world-class private higher education institution in the 21st century. Our five goals below guide ongoing and future initiatives that directly affect institutional goals for increasing enrollment, incorporating web enhanced student learning, development of student services with emphasis on technology and continuing development of technology and applications.

  1. Excellence in Customer Satisfaction
    ITS’ primary function is a support organization within the University. It is our priority to exceed the expectations of users of Trinity technology. From support services, planning, implementation and management of all institutional information systems, we will implement best practices and processes with the goal of increasing our customer satisfaction.
  2. Provide enhanced systems and services to better serve faculty, staff, and students
    Innovation is in our DNA. We will enhance, improve, and implement administrative systems with capabilities and functionality to better serve faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Develop a modern cyber infrastructure to support evolving needs
    The IT infrastructure is the underpinning of all technology services and solutions, including wired, wireless network, telephony, servers and data storage. Continual development of the University’s cyber infrastructure is necessary to support the evolving needs for enrollment growth, program development, intellectual and informational resource growth, and services to the students and the community. It is our responsibility to create a secure landscape that provides a consistent user experience for all students, faculty and staff.
  4. Align with the University’s sustainability pledge
    Aligning with the University’s commitment to going green, we will focus strategic investments and services into reducing waste, improving energy efficiency and promoting a greener environment through smarter use of technology.
  5. Promote Student Success
    Teaching and learning represent the core of Trinity’s mission. Technology has increasingly played an important role in achieving educational goals. To realize these goals, Technology Services will leverage existing, emerging, and innovative technologies to promote student success.