SMART Board Training


SMART Board Overview – An outline of capabilities for the SMART Board system.

Quick Reference Guides

These guides provide detailed information about how to use specific tools and features of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Basics – Learn the basics of using the SMART Board in classrooms.

The Floating Tools Toolbar – This guide teaches you how to access, use and customize the Floating Tools toolbar.

Using Microsoft Office Applications with SMART Tools – This guide shows you how to insert notes and drawings into Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint software documents.

Orienting the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard – In this guide, we will show you how to orient the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and explain why it’s important to do it and when it should be done.

Two-Minute Video Training Tutorials

Touch, Write and Save – Learn the basics of using the interactive whiteboard. You’ll find out how to launch applications, write in digital ink and save notes.

Ink Aware – Discover how to embed handwritten notes into Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

Using PowerPoint software – Learn how to navigate through a Microsoft PowerPoint slide show on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard and make notes.

Additional Training

For additional training, SMART provides online training sessions at no cost. To register for these sessions, visit the SMART Learning Center.

Note: You will need to register for a free account in order to log into the SMART Learning Center.