Loaner Equipment Program

Technology Services’ Loaner Equipment Program provides faculty and staff with University-owned equipment for a limited duration. Our program includes laptops, webcams, video adapters and audio headsets.

If you require a Technology Cart (computer, projector and screen) you must fill out a Faculty Services Technology Request.

Prior to completing our equipment request form, you must review the below terms and conditions. The ability to borrow laptops has temporarily been suspended until September 1st due to the starting of school.


Loaner equipment is available on a first-come first-serve basis; however, Technology Services reserves the right to withhold equipment for events.


Loaner equipment is restricted to staff and faculty, and must be attended to at all times.

Laptops and projectors are only available to staff and full-time faculty.

Loan Period

Loaner equipment may be loaned for up to one week and extended once.


You agree all use of loaned equipment is governed by Trinity’s Technology & Telecommunications Policy. You also assume any and all liability for the cost of repair or replacement of loaned equipment in the event of loss due to theft, damage, negligence or misuse while in your possession. Technology Services will not assume responsibility for lost files due to viruses, hardware failure and network interruptions.

Equipment Fees

In the event of theft, damage, negligence or misuse of loaner equipment, you will be assessed a fee to cover the cost of repair or replacement. Payment must be remitted to Trinity’s Business Office. Non-payment will result in the loss of loaner equipment privileges.

Item Amount
Projector $700.00
Windows Laptop full replacement $1100.00
Chromebook full replacement $400.00
Laptop LCD replacement $200.00
USB Speakerphone $85.00
Laptop keyboard replacement $50.00
Laptop CD/DVD drive $50.00
Carrying bag $37.00
AC adapter $30.00
USB optical mouse $15.00
Audio headset $30.00
USB HD webcam $80.00
Speakers $35.00
VGA/HDMI Adapters $20.00
Wireless microphone $289.00
Wireless lavalier microphone $378.00


Equipment must be returned in-person to Technology Services during normal office hours by the specified return date. Delinquent returns may result in the loss of loaner privileges.