Social Media Graphics guide

We can post .PNG, or .JPG files to all our social media networks. Please do not send Creative Services .PDF, .GIF, or any other file types for graphics other than .PNG or .JPG.

Please use the following dimensions/aspect ratios for graphics:

  • Instagram: 1:1 aspect ratio (1080px wide x 1080px tall)
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Landscape (BEST!)- 16:9 aspect ratio (1920px wide x 1080px tall), Portrait (If you must)- 4:5 aspect ratio (1080px wide by 1350px tall)

Please do not put QR codes on graphics meant for social media, as most social media views are done on mobile phones, and mobile phones can’t scan themselves. Spell out the URL (internet address) in text.

Please do not send Creative Services Canva posters in the wrong dimensions and expect them to show up correctly on social media. Canva Pro will automatically resize your projects into whatever aspect ratio you need, please do that to your poster before sending to Creative Services. Posters are not optimized for social media, and Instagram won’t even allow graphics in that aspect ratio posted.

Keep the text to a minimum. Send text for the description to Creative Services, limit the text in the graphic to the important details, date, time, location, who’s putting on the event, URL to RSVP, and a short tagline to get people exited. Let the images you use tell more stories. A picture is worth 1000 words, and 1000 words definitely won’t get any attention in a social media graphics.

In addition, we can post 9:16 aspect ratio (1080px wide x 1920px tall) .MP4 Videos under 60 seconds long to our Instagram or Facebook account as Reels or Stories. MP4 is the only video format.

How to Refer to the University

Trinity Washington University

In all print publications, mailings, brochures and other official print materials, where you need to include the complete name of the institution, use the following name: Trinity Washington University. Subsequent references should be: Trinity, or the university. This guideline should be followed for the text, return address and other usages; this also applies to official directory listings of Trinity on external web sites or publications.

For marketing purposes, the institution uses the branding “Trinity” as a single word to reference the university, and uses phrases such as, “Trinity, a comprehensive university in the nation’s capital…” or “Trinity, a comprehensive university in Washington…,” etc. The official Trinity logo is also used extensively in marketing materials, publications and mailings.

Five Schools, One University

Trinity Washington University is comprised of five schools. The official names for these schools are:

College of Arts and Sciences
School of Business and Graduate Studies*
School of Education*
School of Nursing and Health Professions
School of Professional Studies*

* These three schools are collectively referred to as the School of Professional and Graduate Studies.

The College of Arts and Sciences is Trinity’s historic undergraduate women’s college, and also uses the name Trinity College.

Official Trinity Washington University Logo

Trinity has one official logo, pictured on the right in its acceptable color combinations. The logo is available in black and white or purple and gold, as Clip Art that is accessible from all faculty and staff computers on the Trinity network. In a Microsoft© program, click Insert > Picture > Clip Art, and search for “Trinity.” If you are off-campus and need the logo, right-click and save the logo below:

Trinity LogoThe logo, and only the logo, may be used for Trinity publications, mailings, fliers and other materials. The Trinity logo must be used in its entirety, and not altered in any way. Do not remove, add or change any of the lettering or graphics. If you reduce or enlarge the logo, you must maintain the proportions. To change the size of the logo in a Microsoft© program, do not click and drag the logo; this will result in distorted proportions. Instead, right click on the image, click on Format Picture, click on Size, check Lock Aspect Ratio and check Relative to Original Picture Size, and then change the size by changing the height or the width, and click OK.

The logo is available in different formats for use by vendors from Timothy Russell, Associate Vice President, Creative Services. Please contact him if you need assistance with the appropriate file format that vendors need to reproduce Trinity logo at various sizes.

Trinity’s Symbols

The Trinity Coat of Arms

Trinity has one official Coat of Arms, which is not typically used on informal documents. It is regularly used on items such as diplomas, the commencement program, transcripts, major announcements, etc. As it is more formal, and difficult to reproduce due to its complexity, the coat of arms should not be used as a promotional graphic for specific departments or programs. It is only available directly from from Timothy Russell, Associate Vice President, Creative Services.

The Trinity Coat of Arms was developed by M. Pierre de Chaignon de la Rose. In the center is an open book with gold-bound edges, bearing the motto of the university: Scientia Ancilla Fidei, or “Knowledge the Handmaid of Faith.” The open book is the symbol used for institutions of learning. The gold triangle, the book’s three clasps, the motto’s three words, and the three stars in top of the shield all reflect the name of the university.

The three stars in the top of the shield appear in exactly the same position which they occupy in the arms of the Washington family, and the flag of the District of Columbia. This further recalls the location of Trinity in Washington, D.C.

Trinity’s Colors

Purple and Gold

Trinity’s official colors are purple and gold. Commercial printers use Pantone (PMS) numbers to designate ink colors. Trinity’s PMS colors are PMS 269 for purple, and PMS 122 for gold. Acceptable accent colors are also denoted below.

Microsoft© Office software and other programs use different color systems (RGB, CMYK, HSL, LAB). The most common, used in Microsoft© programs, is RGB (Red, Green, Blue). Trinity’s RGB, CMYK, and Web colors are listed below. Please contact for assistance with matching to Trinity’s purple and gold colors.

Trinity’s Colors
PMS: 269
RGB: 75, 48, 106
CMYK: 80, 95, 0, 35
Web: 4B306A
PMS: 122
RGB: 252, 212, 80
CMYK: 0, 14, 80, 0
Web: FCD450







Many vendors for items such as mugs, pens, notepads, t-shirts, etc., do not use PMS ink colors and offer a limited choice of colors. Please work with Our Print Specialist to identify the closest match, and to receive artwork in an appropriate file format that these vendors will need to reproduce our logo at various sizes.

Trinity Terminology

Please use the correct spellings of the following campus names, locations and terms:

Campus Locations

  • Alumnae Hall
  • Cuvilly Drive
  • Cuvilly Hall
  • Kerby Hall
  • Main Hall
  • Marble Corridor
  • Notre Dame Chapel
  • O’Connor Auditorium
  • Payden Academic Center
  • Rose Parlor
  • Seymour Court
  • Social Hall
  • Sr. Helen Sheehan Library
  • The Well
  • Trinity Center for Women and Girls in Sports

Other Trinity Names

  • Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur (congregation that founded Trinity)
  • St. Julie Billiart (founded the Sisters of Notre Dame)
  • Sr. Julia McGroarty (one of the founders of Trinity)

Academic Degrees
Use an apostrophe in bachelor’s degree, a master’s, etc. There is no apostrophe in Bachelor of Science or Master of Arts. Use abbreviations such as B.A., M.A., and Ph.D., etc. Use only one reference to the degree.

  • Wrong: Dr. Pam Jones, Ph.D.
  • Right: Dr. Pam Jones, a chemist or Pam Jones, Ph.D.

The Trinity Fonts

For Trinity correspondence, fact sheets, hand outs and other print materials, use Times New Roman (TNR) in 12-point size, left justified. This font is also available in a variety of weights as needed. Margins should be 1″ all around (1.5″ down from the top when using letterhead, per the example below).

The Trinity logo is made with a custom, hand-edited font and is not to be replicated outside of the word “Trinity” as part of the logo.

Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes

Trinity’s official letterhead, envelopes and window envelopes are stocked in the Post Office in the basement of Main Hall. If you have a need for a large quantity of letterhead or envelopes or a variation on the standard letterhead, please contact . Requests for business cards should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources: .

Business cards are ordered by the Office of Human Resources. To order your business cards, please contact Tracey Prince, director of human resources, or go to room 134 in Main Hall.