Creative Services collects, edits, and publishes on the Trinity YouTube account various types of short form video assets throughout the year to help support the great work being done here at Trinity Washington University expanding access to education. We also produce radio and digital audio assets for general Trinity Washington University marketing campaigns.

We cannot, however, help students with coursework, create video or audio assets for student groups or create video or audio assets for Professors’ coursework. These services are generally for promoting Trinity’s excellence externally, and are done in conjunction with marketing campaigns initiated by Admissions, Academic Affairs, Development, Alumnae/i Services, Human Resources, Special Events, Athletics, or the President’s Office.

If you’re looking to record, edit, and publish video or audio for your project or for your course, there are many very helpful tutorials about getting started with this on YouTube. You can start with this playlist.

Video Projects: 

Creative Services can help Trinity departments get their videos up on the official Trinity YouTube page.

We can take your “ready for YouTube” videos, add the Trinity branding to it, as well as music and title cards, and upload it to YouTube fairly quickly. We recommend the FREE OpenShot video editor to help you take raw video clips and cut them together to make them “ready for YouTube.” We can do the rest after that. For help on getting started with OpenShot, start with their YouTube tutorials.

If you’ve taken video, but you need us to do the editing, please give us AT LEAST TWO WEEKS LEAD TIME PER VIDEO between when the request is made and the video is needed (for one video, two weeks, for two videos, four weeks, etc.)

Also, if several colleagues in your department are working on new video assets, please try to coordinate together so Creative Services isn’t hit with a deluge of video editing requests at the same time. If there are just too many to finish, we may have to reject some requests. Better to know if your colleagues and you are on the same page for video needs and get everything you need!

For video projects that require more substantial editing, production, or generating new video and audio assets on the part of Creative Services, we will set a time to meet with you to plan the project, and create a timeline for delivery. Because Creative Services is not exclusively a video production department, we are limited in our ability to take on too many of these types of robust requests, but we will do our best to work with you to get you something that you can use.

Creative Services cannot produce videos with special effects or motion graphics (CGI). We do have third party video producers that can do higher end special effects and motion graphics that we have worked with in the past and can recommend that your department do business with.

We also have a vast library of completed and fully produced video assets, or video assets that can be deployed in new ways that we’d be happy to work with you on repurposing. Again, though, depending on how much editing and production is involved, we may not always have the ability to fully commit to every request. We always try our best to accommodate, though!

Audio Projects:

Creative Services can help our Deans and Marketing Department heads with their digital audio and other audio productions.