Resources for Online Learning

Succeeding in college and in online classes requires students to use effective strategies for learning. It’s important to build on successful learning and study strategies. If you already had strong and effective strategies, making changes to modify your routine will help. If  you need to develop effective strategies, use the strategies below and seek help from Academic Support when needed especially if you experience academic difficulties.

Time Management & Organization

Many students fail to plan how they use their time which leads to haphazard and ineffective studying. When you do not have a plan for how you use your time, you are not likely to accomplish your tasks.

Academic Success, Studying & Learning

Although many students focus on the grades they earn in college, the real goal is to learn. When you learn effectively, you will have more success demonstrating that learning in your assignments and exams.

  • GoBoard is an online platform that connects students and you can use it for virtual meetings with study partners. It offers video conferencing, chats, a virtual white board and other tools to share work and notes.
  • Math Help Online has self-help information to help you learn more about various math topics especially algebra.
  • The Trinity Library is the place to go for help with conducting research. They offer virtual appointments.
  • The Peer Tutors will set up virtual appointments to help you with math, science, language and other classes.
  • The Pomodoro Technique suggests a plan to help you develop better focus by including time dedicated to study and time for breaks.
  • Professors’ virtual office hours (see course syllabus or email professor to schedule a meeting)
  • Use effective  Reading Strategies for College to retain course information and learn material that is essential for your understanding.
  • This Study Cycle provides guided steps to approaching your classes and preparing for exams.
  • Writing Tutors (Trinity) also work with you virtually on your academic writing assignments.
  • If you need other help, call or schedule an appointment with Academic Support to discuss your individual situation.

Minimizing Distractions

Distractions can wreck your routine so make sure you minimize or eliminate those things that interrupt you and take your attention away from accomplishing your goals. A good time management plan includes time for fun, personal activities, family and other distractions during breaks or when you are not working.


Self-Care and Activities