Math Center Help

The Math Center, located in LIB 101, is the place to go for help with math homework and to meet with a tutor. The Math Center is staffed by students with math expertise in a number of subjects, ranging from basic math thru calculus.

Supplemental Instruction for Math & Science

Every week, the Math Specialists, science faculty and tutors hold sessions to help students in MATH 102, 108, 109, 110; BIOL and CHEM classes. The times are dedicated to helping students learn problem solving, biology and chemistry concepts. Participants work through course material with the help of a Specialist, professor or tutor. Students may attend any session for the subject regardless of which professor or Specialist teaches your class. Assistance is available at various times during the week (see schedule) and check with your professor/instructor for additional details.

Math Success Sessions

Science Success Sessions

Additional Math Support & Online Resources

Online Calculator

Scientific Online Calculator

Accuplacer Math Practice

Solving Equations

Estimating Enormous Numbers