Student Achievements Under HHMI Inclusive Excellence and Trinity ExCEL

Barachel Butler

Barachel Butler ’22 won first prize in the 2021 NASA D.C. Space Grant Consortium’s Student STEM Research Poster Presentation Competition. Under the guidance of molecular biologist Dr. Karobi Moitra, Butler used predictive modeling software to conduct her research project, “Annotation and Homology Modeling of the Multidrug Transport Protein P-glycoprotein (ABCB1) of Equus Caballus.”

Corryn Hicks

Two Trinity NASA Scholars received honorable mention awards for their poster presentations at the same STEM Research symposium. Brandi Nelson ’21, a biology major, presented her research, “Microbiomes of the Human Hand,” working with her faculty mentor, biologist Dr. Cynthia DeBoy. Jaylan Pratt ’20, a forensic science major, who graduated in December 2020, worked with her faculty mentor, chemist Dr. Anette Casiano-Negroni, to conduct her research, “Effects of Formaldehyde-based Embalming Fluids on the Chemical Composition of Drugs.”

Corryn Hicks ’21, a biology major, won a poster award in chemistry at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) for her project entitled “CURE Plan: Study of Endocrine Disrupting and Asthma Associated Chemicals Found in Natural Hair Care Products.” Her faculty mentor is Dr. Shizuka Hsieh, chemistry.

Yasmin del Carmen Marcia ’23, also a biology major, won a poster award in social and behavioral sciences and public health for her project entitled “The Relationship Between Dominance Rank, Infanticide Risk, and Maternal Social Strategies in Wild Chimpanzees.” Her faculty mentor is Dr. Kaitlin Wellens, Clare Boothe Luce Professor of Biology.


Yamin del Carmen Marcia