Undergraduate Support and Development

Trinity’s  U ExCEL (Undergraduate Experience x Confidence Equals Leadership), is designed to increase the retention and success of women of color, women from low-income areas, and first-generation students entering science majors by improving student confidence, sense of belonging, self-efficacy, and well-being through a mentored program including experiential learning opportunities. Read about some of our student achievements under the U Excel program.


Mentor Moments


Mentors Moments is a series of classes that are taken concurrently with the undergraduate curriculum. Each class focuses on specific topics to help students succeed in their undergraduate careers and beyond. Large group meetings including all science students to create common experiences such as STEM career and alumnae panels. Also, small groups of students from each academic year and a faculty member form a mentor stream for peer mentorship and community.

Mentor Moments 1: Students learn to set personal goals and establish a sense of belonging.

Mentor Moments 2: Students explore varied career paths and build effective study skills.

Mentor Moments 3: Students focus on strategies for obtaining research experience in desired fields.

Mentor Moments 4: Students learn to network and career development skills.


Experiential Learning


Students must complete an internship as part of their Experiential Learning Experience (ELO). The experience students choose for ELO is based on the student’s career goals. Not only will students gain experience in their desired field, but the ELO will count as a class credit, helping them get one step closer to graduation.


Read about our student achievements under the Trinity U ExCEL program.