Skype for Business on Chromebooks

Skype for Business for Android extends the power of Skype to Chromebooks. Staff and faculty are able to make and receive voice & video phone calls over wireless, rich presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and calling features from a single, easy-to-use interface. The Skype for Business for Android is available for free through the Google Play app store.

(Select here for detailed instructions)

    1. Download Skype for Business from the Google Play store at
    2. Select the Install button to install the app.
    3. Select Install on the Choose a device screen.
    4. Select Only app install through
    5. Select the OK button to install.
    6. When complete, the display will show installed. Now it is time to configure Skype for Business.
    7. On the bottom menu of the Chromebook, select the circle in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. This will display a search bar and underneath will show the icon for Skype for Business. Select the Skype for Business icon.
    8. When Skype for Business loads, select the Phone icon. This will allow you to change from phone, tablet, or resizable. Select resizable.
    9. When prompted, select allow resizing. Then select the arrow to continue.
    10. Select the prompt, While Using the App, to allow Skype for Business to take pictures, and record video and audio.
    11. Select Allow, to grant Skype for Business access to your contacts, manage phone calls, and access photos and media. Then accept the Terms of use.
    12. Select the arrow to continue and enter your Trinity email address.
    13. Select the arrow to continue and enter your email password. Select the arrow again to continue and enter your office telephone number.
    14. Select the arrow to continue, and you will enter into the home page of Skype for Business.