Payden Academic Center Classroom Technology Guide

Turning On/Off the Projector

Audio/Visual in the Payden Academic Center is controlled via wall-mounted control panel. Most control panels are near the room’s entrance or light switches, although each room varies slightly. Additionally, wall-mounted control panels are identified with a blue LED keypad and label.

  1. To turn on a projector, press the ON button. Likewise, turn the projector OFF when no longer needed. It may take up to 30 seconds for the projector to warm up before you see an image.
    Picture of the wall AV controller ON/OFF buttons
  2. If the projection screen isn’t already extended, use the pull string to extend the projection screen.

Connecting My Laptop

If you have a personal device, i.e. laptop, you may connect it to Trinity’s audio/visual equipment using built-in cables on the lectern. Connections are included for VGA + 3.5mm audio and HDMI.

  • If your personal device connects via HDMI, you do not need to use the 3.5mm audio cable.
  • If your personal device has a mini-HDMI or ThunderBolt port, an adapter to HDMI is required. Adapters can be purchased from electronic retailers for less than $15.
  1. Connect your personal device using built-in cables on the side of the lectern by lifting the panel cover plate and extending the wire.Picture of the guest connections
  2. After your laptop is connected, use the wall mount control to turn on the projector and switch to the VGA or HDMI input by pressing the appropriate button.Picture of the wall AV controller HDMI and VGA buttons

Using the Lectern Computer

Each room is equipped with a built-in lectern computer. You do not have to turn on the computer, but if you do not see any display on the monitor, it might be in standby mode.

  1. Press any key on the keyboard to wake up the computer.
  2. If the computer does not resume from standby, you may power it on by pressing the power button.
    Picture of the power button of a lectern computer desktop
  3. Extend the keyboard tray with mouse from underneath the desktop.

Adjusting the Volume

Adjust the classroom’s speaker volume using the wall mount controls.

Picture of the wall AV controller volume buttons

Wireless Projection from Apple Devices

All classrooms in the Payden Academic Center are equipped with AirPlay technology, and can project wirelessly from Apple devices, including MacBooks, iPhones and iPods.

Classroom Technology Videos

You can watch two short videos on the classroom technology for both the standard and tiered classrooms in the Payden Academic Center.