Managing My Voicemail

Recording My Voicemail Greeting (On Campus or Skype Only)

  1. Press the Envelope button on your Trinity phone. If you prefer using Skype, go to the dialer and press and hold ‘1’ for three seconds.
  2. Press the button on the screen labeled CallVM.
  3. You should now be at the voicemail main menu. You can press 1 to listen to your messages or 2 to record a new greeting.
  4. If you’re recording a new greeting, follow the voicemail attendant’s instructions on how to record a greeting.

Typing a Voicemail Greeting (On Campus or Off Campus)

Follow these instructions if you aren’t on campus or do not have access to the Skype for Business client.

  1. Navigate to
  2. After signing in, when you’re at the Voicemail settings page, scroll to the bottom until you see Text-to-Speech Customized Greeting option.
  3. Input a greeting message and click Save when finished. When a caller reaches your voicemail, this greeting will be read.

Listening to My Voicemail Messages

There are three ways to listen to voicemails. Choose the method you prefer most.

  1. Check your Trinity email. Voicemails are delivered to email as an attachment.
  2. Press the Envelope button on your Trinity phone.
  3. Within the Skype for Business client, click on dialer (next to calendar) and then press and hold ‘1’ for three seconds.