Using Your Office Telephone

Trinity has standardized on two telephones. Select from one of the handsets below to learn more about it. All faculty and staff should refer to the AudioCodes 440HD telephone.

About the AudioCodes 440HD Office Telephone

Phone layout

Call transfer

There are two methods to call transfers. Most staff/faculty should use Blind Transfer.

  • Blind Transfer: A blind transfer does not require the other person to answer before accepting your call transfer. Most staff/faculty should use this transfer method.
    1. Answer the call and press the TRANSFER button.
    2. Enter the extension and press the TRANSFER button to complete the transfer.
  • Consultation Transfer: A consultation transfer requires the transfer recipient to answer the call before you send the transfer over.
    1. Answer the call and press the menu softkey.
    2. Select Consultation transfer and dial the extension.
    3. Wait for the other person to answer and press TRANSFER to complete the consultation transfer.

Managing Voicemail

Review Managing My Voicemail to listen to your voicemail, change your greeting or PIN code.

Put a call on hold and make another call

Press the hold key, and then press the menu softkey, select New Call and finally dial in the number.

Make a conference call

  1. During a call, press the Conf softkey.
    Picture of the Configuration soft key on an AudioCodes phone
  2. Dial the 2nd participant to create a conference bridge.
  3. Using the softkeys, you may add additional participants (currently limited up to 50), remove and mute.
    Picture of the conference screen on an AudioCodes phone

Merging two phone calls

  1. With one call active and another on hold, press the menu soft key.
    Picture the Menu soft key on an AudioCodes phone
  2. Select Merge Calls.
    Picture of the call menu showing the merge calls and select options highlighted

Forwarding Calls

  1. Press the Forward softkey, scroll down and select Forward to a Number.
  2. Enter the number to which you want to forward the calls, and then press the Start softkey. To deactivate call forwarding, press the Forward softkey and then select Do not forward calls.

Create a speed dial

Press any empty speed dial key and follow the on-screen instructions. You may select an entry from the corporate directory. To edit an existing speed dial, press and hold, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Remove a speed dial

  1. Press and hold the speed dial key you want to remove for a couple seconds
  2. Clear out the number and key label.

Changing my ringtone

  1. Press the MENU button, located left of the voicemail button.
  2. Scroll down and select the Settings.
    Picture of the settings options highlighted
  3. Select Ring Tone.
    Picture of the display with the Ring Tone option highlighted
  4. Select one of 11 ringtones and press the Save softkey.
    Picture showing multiple ring tone options

About the Polycom CX3000 Conference Phones

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