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Step 3: Accommodation Intake Meeting

Once you have submitted Accommodation Registration Intake Form and your supportive documentation, DSS will work with you to schedule an accommodation intake meeting.

At the Meeting

At the Meeting, you and the DSS Director will work together through various tasks.

  • The DSS staff will review information submitted on your intake form and documentation with you
  • You will be able to share, in your own words, information about your history with your disability, how it impacts you, and any accommodations you have received in the past
  • The DSS Director will discuss what accommodations are available based on your individualized case
  • The DSS Director will generate a letter of accommodation and review the letter with you prior to ending the meeting.
  • DSS will share possible strategies and academic adjustments that can be used to accommodate you at Trinity.

Once you are registered with DSS and have assigned accommodations, you will request your letter and request services each semester.