In contrast to high school, where students with disabilities are entitled to certain services, in college, you must become approved or eligible for services based on the guidelines set forth by your college/university (Read “Disability and Higher Education FAQs” for more general information). At Trinity, this means that you must first register with DSS before you can request support services and accommodations.

To begin the process, you must complete a self-identification form to alert DSS that you are identifying yourself as a student with a documented disability.

DSS will contact you back regarding documentation that is needed on the post-secondary level.  For example, an IEP and/or a 504 plan are not used as documentation to prove a disability on the post-secondary level. If you are just graduating from high school and have a cognitive disability, hopefully, you received current psychological/psychoeducational testing within the last three years of your schooling. You should be able to obtain a copy of that documentation. If you have a physical disability, you should be able to obtain current documentation from your current medical provider. If you have a psychological disability, you should be currently working with a therapist or psychologist who can provide current documentation on your behalf. It is your responsibility to obtain the documentation from the qualified evaluator within a sufficient amount of time so that you can receive appropriate accommodations beginning your first semester at Trinity.

In addition to documentation, you must also email DSS beginning early July in order to make an appointment to meet with the director. During this appointment, you will complete the intake process, where, along with paperwork, you will also discuss how to meet with your professors each semester. It would be beneficial for you to either email your documentation to DSS or fax it to DSS at 202-884-9357 in order to give the director enough time to review it prior to your appointment.

Unlike high school, colleges and universities do not have any paperwork on you regarding your disability. Again, you, the student, have to provide current, sufficient documentation that proves you have a documented disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

For further information, please contact DSS as soon as possible in which to begin the process of registering.