DSS Syllabus Statement for Trinity Classes

As a reminder, please note that all faculty (full-time, part-time/adjunct, etc.) must include the required Disability Support Services (DSS) statement below on course syllabi: 

Disability Support Services and Accommodations

Trinity Washington University strives to provide an accessible, inclusive, and equitable educational environment for all students. Any student with a disability (or who thinks they may have a disability) should contact Disability Support Services (DSS) to request accommodation support via email DSS@trinitydc.edu or phone 202-884-9227. More information about accommodation support at Trinity can be found on the DSS website: https://discover.trinitydc.edu/disability/. Please also note that Trinity Faculty will make the Moodle gradebook visible and will update this gradebook throughout the semester so that students can track their progress and reach out for additional support, including pursuing and/or using DSS accommodations.


Faculty may also include the following (optional) professor support statement on syllabi:  

Professor Support

Do you have trouble seeing from the back row? Does taking a test next to someone else distract you? Are you experiencing stress at home with childcare, work, or other life situations? Is English your second or third language? If, at any point during the semester, a disability or personal circumstance such as these impacts your engagement in my course, please let me know so that I can do my best to support you and provide information about campus resources, such as Tutoring, Disability Support Services, Mental Health Support, etc. Reach out to me to chat or set up a time to meet via my email address: (faculty email address)