Regarding Title IX and Pregnancy:  

What does Title IX say about pregnant students on campus?
Title IX is a Federal civil rights law that bans discrimination on the basis of sex, to include pregnancy, in educational programs and activities. As a result, faculty and staff must work with pregnant students to create a plan that will best allow the student to continue studies in the event the student is unable to attend class or complete assignments on time.  Although faculty are not required to fundamentally alter the nature or content of the course, they should collaborate with the student to devise creative solutions in accommodating the limitations a pregnant student may be facing.  It is vital that students disclose their needs as a result of their pregnancy to faculty and staff as early as possible.

For more information, please visit the U.S. Department of Education’s website regarding Title IX and Pregnancy.

What type of academic adjustments should I expect?

All academic or activity adjustments should be discussed with the appropriate faculty or staff member first. Other staff, such as the student’s advisor, may also assist as necessary.  Here are a few examples of acceptable adjustments:

  • Excused absences from class due to pregnancy or childbirth. To the extent possible, students should provide prior notice of absence due to pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Providing the opportunity to make up any work missed while the student was out. Students are expected to discuss these adjustments prior to assignment deadlines.
  • Ensuring that readings, assignments, and other course material are posted on Moodle so that work can be completed remotely to the extent possible.

Students are always expected to adhere to the Trinity Honor Code.  All students, regardless of accommodations, are expected to maintain the highest levels of academic integrity.

Students may not refuse to submit assignments and should work with faculty members to submit assignments based on the adjustments provided.


Who should I contact about this? 

Students are advised to contact Trinity’s Title IX Coordinator, Hannah Halbreich, to disclose their pregnancy and/or related matters (labor/delivery, recovery, etc.) and receive support. Title IX may coordinate with DSS if complex symptoms resulting from pregnancy rise to level of disability, in which temporary accommodations may be assigned.

Hannah Halbreich, LICSW
Counselor/Clinical Supervisor Health and Wellness Center;
Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 202-884-9602


When should I disclose a pregnancy?
In order to receive the best support possible, students should disclose needs based on pregnancy as soon as possible. Upon disclosing this information, Title IX will review the student’s specific circumstances and work with the student and other staff/faculty to implement appropriate adjustments.

In most cases, the student may be asked for appropriate documentation in order to put reasonable accommodations in place.