Working with Professors on Accommodations

Though there are laws to protect your privacy from the general public, if you are requesting classroom and/or testing accommodations, you will need to discuss your DSS accommodations and letter with your  professors each term.

Every student has a different comfort level when it comes to discussing their accommodations with professors. Here are some suggestions for working with your professors when it comes to your DSS accommodations:


  • Remember that you are not required to share any information about the specific nature of your disability/diagnosis with professors.
    • Professors may not ask for doctors’ notes and/or other diagnostic/treatment information from you. However, professors can ask DSS to confirm your medical appointment, so it is always a good idea to secure doctor/visit notes in case this becomes necessary to provide to DSS.
  • Make an appointment with your professor so that you can ensure your privacy and comfort. You have the right to not have to discuss your accommodations when other students are present.
  • Meet with your professor as early in the semester as possible so that they can be prepared to provide you with accommodations as the need arises throughout the term.
  • Mention that you are registered with DSS and that you would like to discuss the DSS letter that was emailed to you and the professor.
  • Identify accommodations listed in the letter that you would like to discuss and gain clarity about related to class.
  • Gently remind your professor when there is a situation arising in which you will need accommodations. Do this as early as you become aware and/or are able.
  • Use your professor as a resource. Ask for any additional suggestions they may have regarding using your accommodations in their class, studying, or testing.


  • Only DSS can make changes to your accommodations and/or DSS letter. If you or your professor have a concern or question about your accommodations or believe a change/update may be needed, please reach out to DSS as soon as possible.
  • Professors are working with many students in the various classes they teach; at times, you may need to provide a reminder about your accommodations and/or using them in class, especially if professor interaction is required for the accommodation to be used.