Any student who is taking Continuing Education (CE) classes and may need accommodations for a disability, must register with Disability Support Services (DSS).

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Submit an Accommodation Registration Intake Form
  2. After submitting your intake form, please submit Supportive Documentation to DSS.
  3. When the above steps are completed, you will meet with DSS staff to discuss accommodations and next steps.

If you are a CE student who requires interpreter services (ASL), you must also complete the online request at least four (4) weeks prior to your class start date.  Doing so will allow DSS ample time to secure certified American Sign Language interpreters. Note: this is not submitted in lieu of registering with DSS for accommodations; both are required.

If you are planning to take online courses and are deaf/HOH, please indicate that on the DSS accommodation registration form. This will allow DSS to consider any transcription and/or other virtual needs during the accommodations process as related to your disability on an individualized basis.

Please visit Continuing Education for a list of their policies as well.