Notetaking Accommodation: Notetaking Express (NTE)

DSS works with a professional service called Note Taking Express (NTE) to provide Notetaking Services. NTE is a user-friendly service that converts a student’s lecture recordings into professional notes. This happens when the student records the class lecture and uploads that recording to NTE. Within 24-48 hours, NTE notes are sent to the student’s Trinity email.
Students who have a notetaking accommodation listed on their accommodation letter will receive an NTE account and information about how to use the service. Students who have questions or concerns about use of NTE should contact DSS immediately for technical assistance or to explore other options available.
Students with Notetaking Accommodation: 
Once you receive the welcome email from NTE, please use the following link to get started with your NTE account:


  1. Keep in mind that you are allotted a certain amount of notetaking hours each semester; this amount of notetaking hours is based on your course schedule and how many hours of class time you have each week. If you have questions about this, please let DSS know!
  2. When you upload your recording, you can upload selected other files that the professor has provided to the class for that day/session, such as a handout or visual. The professional notetaker will integrate these materials when compiling your notes. Aim to avoid uploading Powerpoints, as those typically already provide clear information about the course content you’re reviewing.
  3. You are in control! You must record the session and upload that recording in order for notes to be generated. Without this recording, notes cannot be generated.
  4. Recordings can be taken on your laptop, your smart phone, or your iPad/tablet. If you do not have or cannot use one of these, please contact DSS to learn about recording device options that can be loaned through the office.


Please watch the following video for a tutorial on using NTE: