Internet Access

DC Affordable internet service for students and low-income families

Do you know anyone who needs home Internet service?  Do they participate in the Lifeline program or other public assistance programs such as the National School Lunch Program, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI? If so, they are eligible for low-cost home ineternet starting at $9.95/month.

Textbook and Course Materials

Trinity’s Online Bookstore is live.  Trinity has partnered with MBS Direct, an affiliate of our bookstore provider Barnes & Noble, to deliver a convenient and cost-effective way to purchase textbooks and/or other recommended materials! You can even use your financial aid directly at the site. Purchase, shipping, and customer service are all operated by MBS Direct. Purchase or rent new and used textbooks and E-Books through Trinity’s new Online Bookstore!  Key Features Include: Shop by Schedule or Shop by Course; Variety Formats (Print, Digital, Rental); Competitive Pricing; Buy-Back Options; 24-Hour Customer Service.  Check it out at: 

Textbook Assistance

The Trinity Library has reserve copies of many common textbooks available for student use in the library.  They can also assist you with scanning text to your email to access the materials outside the library.  See this video:

Chromebook Distribution Program

Trinity has established the Trinity Chromebook Distribution Program to facilitate distribution of Chromebooks to students who are in need of access to technology.  Students must be enrolled for the current semester to be eligible to apply. We have a limited supply of Chromebooks available for distribution, therefore first priority will be given to full time undergraduate students who have no other access to technology.  Please see current information on availability at: