Student Awards

2019 Award Nominations

Below is the form for CAS Faculty and Staff to nominate eligible students for Student Awards.  Please see the descriptions and complete the form for those you wish to nominate.  Thank you in advance for your time and attention to helping the selection committee choose worthy recipients!  Please submit the form no later than Monday, April 29, 2019.

Student Award Nominations

Thank you for taking the time to nominate students for awards! Please submit this form no later than Monday April 29, 2019.
  • T Pin Award

    Each year, four to eight students from the Senior Class are chosen to receive the "T" Pin award. Selection is made on the basis of attainment of high scholastic standards, and of student whose character and good sportsmanship render them most truly representative of the University's ideals. Specific qualifications are: a 3.0 GPA (minimum); proper attitude toward college life in general; self-control and poise; noteworthy activities - Student Association work, class activities, work in University organizations, college publications or work outside of the University, civic or social; reflecting the Trinity ideal of personal responsibility and concern for others; or continued work in athletics. These awards are presented at the Senior Luncheon.
  • The Special Service Award

    This award recognized GRADUATING Seniors who have demonstrated leadership and contributed outstanding services to the University in specific ways through one or more campus activities. This award is presented at the Senior Luncheon.
  • The Mary Murray McArdle Award

    Established by Paul F. McArdle of Washington, DC; Charles P. McArdle of New York City, NY; and E. Murray McArdle of Troy, NY, in honor of their mother, Mary Murray McArdle, of the Class of 1908. It is awarded to a GRADUATING SENIOR who "in addition to maintaining satisfactory scholastic standing, has displayed the ideal characteristic of Trinity and who has consistently, in a quiet but marked manner, contributed by her spirit of cooperation to the corporate spirit of the University." The senior who is chosen will be presented the award at Commencement.
  • The St. Catherine Medal

    Kappa Gamma Pi, National Scholastic and Activity Honor Society of Catholic Women's Colleges, award this medal to the JUNIOR who has set a high standard of scholarship or who has rendered some specific outstanding service to her college. The St. Catherine Medal is presented in the Fall at the Cap and Gown Ceremony.
  • The Greater Good Award

    Through the Greater Good Award, Trinity recognizes a rising Sophomore, Junior or Senior who exemplifies the university’s ideal of faith lived through service to others. For more than a century, Trinity’s mission, grounded in the Catholic tradition of social justice, has sought to educate students with a commitment to use their Trinity education in service to the most acute needs of the community, to demonstrate love of neighbor through service as a manifestation of serving God. The recipient of the Greater Good Award will be a student in good standing who has consistently demonstrated excellence and leadership in faith and service through engagement with a broad range of community service and social justice activities, including programs sponsored by Campus Ministry, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. The recipient may be from any class year, with preference given to a student who has a track record of social justice engagement over several years of service. This award is presented at the annual Sower's Seed Lecture.