Residence Hall Room Rates and Meal Plan Costs

Room Rates for 2023-2024

Campus Housing has 4 residence halls available for students to reside.  Cuvilly Hall; Kerby Hall, Alumnae Hall and Main Hall.

All new first-year students reside in Cuvilly Hall in double occupancy rooms, with a roommate. Students are able to select their preferences by completing the Housing Application or contacting Campus Housing.

New Transfer students may select a Double or Single room, in Cuvilly Hall.  Returning Residents may select from double or single rooms options in Kerby, Alumnae or Main Hall.  Please remember that if you are placed in a double without a roommate, this would be considered as single occupancy. Single room options are available on a first-request basis for transfer students, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

Single rooms will be designated in Cuvilly Hall (2 beds, 1 resident) or (1 bed, 1 resident); Kerby Hall (2 beds, 1 resident); Alumnae Hall (1 bed, adjoining room via washroom); and Main Hall (2 beds, 1 resident or 1 bed, 1 resident depending on space).

 Room Type Cost Per Semester (Fall and Spring) Cost Per Semester (Summer) Eligibility
Single Occupancy $2,050.00 $1,575.00 Upperclass residents and transfer students
Double Occupancy $1,900.00  $1,575.00 All

Meal Plan Rates for 2023-2024

2022-2023 Plan Type Cost Per Semester Eligibility for Meal Plan Selection
150 Meals with 75 Flex $ 3,560.00 All
150 Meals with 150 Flex $ 3,635.00 All
210 Meals with 75 Flex $ 3,650.00 All
210 Meals with 150 Flex $ 3,725.00 All
285 Meals with 75 Flex $ 4,030.00 All; First Year Students Required plan
285 Meals with 150 Flex $ 4,105.00 All; First Year Students Optional plan
Commuter – 25 Block Meals $245 Commuters only
Commuter – 50 Block Meals $465 Commuters only
  • All undergraduate Campus Residents must enroll in one of six Meal Plans (285 meals per week with $75 or $150 flex; 210 meals per week with $75 or $150 flex; or 150 meals per week with $75 or $150 flex).  Meal plans begin for Dinner Service on Saturday, August 27th, 2023.  Residents select their Meal Plan through the Campus Housing Application.
  • Meals plans include a block meal plan amount for the duration of the semester.  Meal totals decline with use over the course of the semester, not per week.
  • Commuter Students can add a meal plan via our request form at the meal plan page.
  • All new first year residents must purchase the 285-meal plan with $75 flex for the 2022-2023 academic year, or could opt for the 285 meal plan with $150 flex.
  • The residence halls do not have kitchen or cooking facilities to allow residents to prepare their own meals, we do provide microwaves in the lounges of each building.
  • Requests for exceptions for religious or medical reasons must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Student Services or the Director of Health and Wellness with proper documentation.
  • No changes to meal plans are permitted after the University’s Add/Drop deadline (see academic Academic Calendar).
  • Meal Plan flex dollars expire at the end of the academic year.

Flex Dollars

Flex dollars are a declining balance that can be used in the Deli (when it is in operation); for to go meals in between meal times at the Dining Hall or to swipe a guest in at the dining hall. Flex dollars are used for cash purchases.

  • Flex dollars carry over between fall and spring semester but expire at the conclusion of spring semester. Unused flex dollars from fall semester roll over to the spring semester.
  • Flex dollars are active for the entire academic year, as long as the meal plan is active.
  • Students can add flex dollars to their Trinity ID card in the Business Office.