Residence Hall Room Rates and Meal Plan Costs

Room Rates for 2022-2023

All On Campus Residents $2,000 per semester.  Double rooms are available in Cuvilly Hall or Kerby Hall.  Single room options are available on a first-request basis for transfer students, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.  Single rooms will be designated in Cuvilly Hall as a double as single room (2 beds, 1 resident) or a single (1 bed, i resident); Kerby Hall as a double as single room (2 beds, 1 resident); Alumnae Hall adjoining single (1 bed, adjoining room via washroom); and Main Hall double as single (2 beds, 1 resident or 1 bed, 1 resident depending on space).

Meal Plan Rates for 2022-2023

2022-2023 Plan Type Cost Per Semester Eligibility for Meal Plan Selection
150 Meals with 75 Flex $ 3,420.00 All
150 Meals with 150 Flex $ 3,495.00 All
210 Meals with 75 Flex $ 3,510.00 All
210 Meals with 150 Flex $ 3,585.00 All
285 Meals with 75 Flex $ 3,875.00 All; First Year Students Required plan
285 Meals with 150 Flex $ 3,950.00 All; First Year Students Optional plan
Commuter – 25 Block Meals $235 Commuters only
Commuter – 50 Block Meals $445 Commuters only
  • All undergraduate Campus Residents must enroll in one of six Meal Plans (285 meals per week with $75 or $150 flex; 210 meals per week with $75 or $150 flex; or 150 meals per week with $75 or $150 flex).  Meal plans begin for Dinner Service on Saturday August 278, 2022.  Residents select their Meal Plan through the Campus Housing Application.
  • Meals plans include a block meal plan amount for the duration of the semester.  Meal totals decline with use over the course of the semester, not per week.
  • Commuter Students can add a meal plan via our request form at the meal plan page.
  • All new first year residents must purchase the 285-meal plan with $75 flex for the 2022-2023 academic year, or could opt for the 285 meal plan with $150 flex.
  • The residence halls do not have kitchen or cooking facilities to allow residents to prepare their own meals, we do provide microwaves in the lounges of each building.
  • Requests for exceptions for religious or medical reasons must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Student Services or the Director of Health and Wellness with proper documentation.
  • No changes to meal plans are permitted after the University’s Add/Drop deadline (see academic Academic Calendar).
  • Meal Plan flex dollars expire at the end of the academic year.

Flex Dollars

Flex dollars are a declining balance that can be used in the Deli (when it is in operation); for to go meals in between meal times at the Dining Hall or to swipe a guest in at the dining hall. Flex dollars are used for cash purchases.

  • Flex dollars carry over between fall and spring semester but expire at the conclusion of spring semester. Unused flex dollars from fall semester roll over to the spring semester.
  • Flex dollars are active for the entire academic year, as long as the meal plan is active.
  • Students can add flex dollars to their Trinity ID card in the Business Office.