Flex Dollars

Student Flex Dollars

Commuter students can add value to their student ID cards, which can be used to purchase items at the Trinity Deli and at the Trinity Dining Hall as part of our Flex Dollar program (formerly, Dining Dollars).  Through participating in this program, you will get an extra 10% of value added to your card (i.e. if you pay $100, you’ll get $110 on your card). The minimum value of flex dollars that can be added at a given time is $100.

Students must have a current Trinity ID to add value to their card.  Students may be required to get a new ID before flex dollars can be added to a student’s card.

Prior to the issuance of student refunds, students may be eligible to use their pending financial aid to pay for flex dollars.

Flex dollars can be added at any time through completing the form below.  The Authorization Form must be completed each time that a student wishes to add funds to their dining dollars account.

Dining Dollars

  • Add Dining Dollars

  • Dining dollars can only be added in $100 increments. Any balance left on your card at the end of Summer will roll over to the Fall then Spring semesters. Should you leave Trinity at anytime; the balance will be forfeited and not refunded.
  • By submitting this form, I authorize Trinity Washington University to charge the amount above to my student account and to use my financial aid towards this charge. I agree to pay for any amount above that is not covered by financial aid, along with tuition and fees, by the first day of the semester. I understand that a late fee of $25/month will be assessed to my student account if my semester charges are not resolved by the first day of classes.

    I also understand that each of the items above is non-refundable after the first day of the semester.

    I understand that dining dollars take up to 48 hours to become available.

In the event that your ID does not work for dining dollars after 48 hours, please visit the business office.

Faculty/Staff Flex Dollars Cards

Faculty and staff can add flex dollars to their ID cards.  Flex dollars can be used at the Trinity Deli and at the Trinity Dining Hall.  As with student cards, faculty and staff get 110% of the value purchased added to their cards.  For example, a staff member who purchases $100 of flex dollars will have $110 added to their ID card.

Faculty and staff must have a new ID card (one with the barcode printed on the front of the card) to participate in the flex dollars program.  The Business Office will authorize a no-charge new ID for faculty and staff members who wish to obtain flex dollars.

Faculty and staff members may pay for their flex dollars charges through a one-time cash, check or credit card payment.  In addition, faculty or staff may also request that a specific amount be taken out of their paychecks each time that they are paid. For those choosing to make a one-time payment, a $100 minimum value added applies. There is no minimum amount for payroll deduction.

Regardless of how funds are to be added, each faculty and staff member who wishes to add funds to their ID card must complete the Dining Dollars Authorization Form, available on the Business Office Forms page, and bring it to the Business Office. Typically, funds will be loaded on your ID within 48 hours of purchase.

In the event that your ID does not work for flex dollars after 48 hours, please visit the Business Office.