Requesting a Purchase Order

Trinity’s policies require that a purchase order be completed and submitted online, and approved, prior to all purchases at Trinity.  Please use the form below to submit all purchase order requests.  The Business Office has gathered many of the frequently asked questions on this process, which are summarized at the bottom of this page.

The purchase order form must include attachments, showing all relevant information that justifies the pricing of the items.  Purchase orders should also have a purchase rationale included, which specifies why the purchase is necessary.  If the room in the purchase rationale box is insufficient, please attach a separate memo.  To add lines to the purchase order form, please click on the plus sign under the line item section.

For your records, you should write down the Requisition Number, as it is how the Business Office will be able to track the status of the purchase order.  In addition, the purchase order requests need to have a full account number coded on the purchase order to be processed.  Please use the Budget Code Lookup Tool as needed.

Purchase Order Request Form

Please note that Trinity requires that we have taxpayer information on file for all vendors before a check can be issued.  If you are working with a vendor that has not been paid previously, please make sure that a W-9 form is completed and faxed to the Business Office at 202-884-9029. The W-9 form is available on our Business Office Forms page, or contact us for a copy:

Purchasing Order Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I put down in the Approver Email box?
    • In the Approver Email box, please just put down the email address of your supervisor or the Manager/Director who is responsible for the department that the expenses are to be coded to.  Please note that all academic purchases should be sent to Provost Dr. Carlota Ocampo.  You would therefore enter in the Approver Email box.  In general, the Approver Email box should be another individual, except if you report to President McGuire.  In this case, you would enter your own email in the Approver Email box.
  • Why do I need to submit an attachment?
    • An attachment is needed for all purchase orders to justify the cost of the item or items being purchased.  The attachments can be in any valid file format, using the new form.  To add an attachment, please click on the “Plus Sign” under the Attachment section.  Examples of acceptable attachments include quotes from vendors, prior invoices from vendors supporting the pricing, or printed pages from a company’s website.  Please be sure to factor in shipping costs in your purchase order as well!
  • I submitted a purchase order, but my approver has not received it.  What happened?
    • If your approver has not received the purchase order that you have submitted, chances are, the email address entered in the Approver Email address was not correct.  Please be sure that you just enter the email address in this box.  If you know your Requisition Number, you can contact the Business Office to inquire about the status of your purchase order through emailing us at
  • How long does it take for the purchase order number to be assigned?
    • Purchase orders that are correctly completed will typically take about a week to have a PO number assigned.  Purchase orders may be held for longer if there are additional documents needed, or if there are questions along the way.  If a member of the Business Office team contacts you regarding additional information needed, please be prompt in sending the materials needed so that the purchase order process continues appropriately.
  • Once my approver signs off on the purchase order, who else has to look at it?
    • Once your approver signs off on the purchase order, there is a several step review process within the Business Office.  In addition, all purchase orders over $1,000 are reviewed by our Chief Financial Officer and President.  All purchase orders less than $1,000 are reviewed by our Chief Financial Officer.
  • What do I do if I need a check immediately on a purchase order I am submitting?
    • If you need a check immediately on a purchase order you are submitting, please indicate that in the “Purchase Rationale” box on the Purchase Order.  In addition, please complete the check request form (located on the Forms page), and include the purchase order requisition number in the ‘PO #’ box.  Once you receive confirmation that your purchase order has been approved, it is never a bad idea to follow up with us to make sure that we have the check request in process.  Please feel free to contact the Business Office at with check request inquiries.
  • How do I look up an account number for the purchase order?
  • Are there instructions online?  How about training classes?
    • The Business Office is always looking at our Frequently Asked Questions to update them with any relevant information.  Training classes are offered through the Trinity Institute every quarter.  Please contact Tracey Prince Ross at for Trinity Institute inquiries.