Budget and Expense Transfers

Department Supervisors receive their monthly Budget Versus Actual Reports by email each month, usually by the 20th.  Should you fail to receive them, please contact Danielle Madden at maddend@trinitydc.edu or at 202-884-9525.

Each Department is responsible for keeping their expenses within their total Departmental Budget.  At times, this necessitates transferring funds from one line item to another within the budget, which must be done through the completion of a Budget Transfer Form, which can be brought to Danielle Madden in the Business Office, or emailed to her at maddend@trinitydc.edu.

Through reviewing your Budget Versus Actual Reports, you may also see expenses that are coded to an incorrect account.  If you have any items that need to be reclassified, please complete the Expense Transfer Form, and bring it to Danielle Madden in the Business Office or email it to her at maddend@trinitydc.edu.

If there are extraordinary circumstances that make transferring money within the Departmental budget impossible, please contact the Business Office to set up a budgeting meeting where the situation can be fully discussed.