August 17, 2019 - 12:00 am
Washington, DC

For All Incoming Students:  Welcome to Trinity!

  • You are required to complete the items listed below BEFORE THE START OF THE SEMESTER.
  • The deadline to submit health forms for the Fall semester is August 17, 2019.

1. Schedule a physical with your healthcare provider.  You should complete the first page of the Trinity Student Health Form 2018-19 and bring the entire packet to your healthcare provider.  Your provider will complete the rest of the form which includes all pre-enrollment health requirements:

  • Physical Examination: Sumbit your Trinity Student Health Form 2019 2020.  All new students received a copy from the Health Center upon their declaration of intent to attend Trinity.  If you need an additional copy, please email to request a copy of the form.
  • Verification of required Immunizations: Trinity Immunization Policy
  • Tuberculosis TB Screening Form 2019 2020
  • Signature of health care provider with clearance to participate in your desired activities
  • Obtain the Meningoccocal Vaccine series if living on campus OR participating in Athletics:
    • DC Law mandates that you have two doses of the Meningococcal vaccine before moving into a Residence Hall or participating with a sports team.
    • Please have the form:  Meningoccocal Vaccine 2018-19  completed by your healthcare provider to verify your immunization status.
    • All new students received a copy from Admissions in their acceptance packet.  If you need an additional copy, please email to request a copy of the form.
    • If you choose to defer the vaccine, please fill out the waiver portion at the bottom of the form and send to BEFORE move-in day.
    • Students with Trinity insurance can receive the vaccine in the Health Center.
  • Sign the HIPAA Confidentialiy Agreement (see HIPAA policy statement)

2. Return the completed forms to the Health and Wellness Center on the 4th Floor/Main Building OR send to by August 17, 2019.

  • If you are unable to schedule a physical exam with your health care provider, a physical exam can be scheduled in The Health and Wellness Center.  You will need to bring your past immunization record to that appointment.

3. Every Trinity student is required to have adequate health insurance that provides local coverage while attending school. Your options include:

  • Enroll in Trinity’s student health insurance plan  *  OR  *
  • Provide proof of active insurance coverage by submitting your Insurance ID card with your health forms. (CAS students will need to submit a WAIVER if choosing this option to avoid being billed for the student insurance)

 Immunization Policy and Religious/Medical Exemptions

  • DC Law mandates that all students under age 26 have an updated immunization record on file BEFORE registering for classes.  If you are submitting a waiver for religious reasons, please do so according to our Trinity Immunization Policy.

Please send all completed health forms the Health and Wellness Center, 125 Michigan Ave NE, Washington DC 20017 or via email to

*DEADLINE for submission is August 17, 2019*