The Freshman Fifteen

The Health & Wellness Center is pleased to offer 5 simple tips to help you avoid what many people call the “freshman 15” – fifteen additional pounds students often gain when they transition to college life.

Whether you are a first year student or a senior, living in the residence hall or commuting to campus, or a member of Trinity’s faculty and staff, the start of a new academic year is a great time to focus on healthy eating and exercise!

We want to keep it simple, so here are 5 easy-to-remember tips:

1. Control your portions

Take a careful look at your plate, and be sure that your portions are not getting too big. In the Dining Hall, Trinity Deli and Health & Wellness Center, there are posters to guide you on what a portion really looks like.

2. Exercise every day

Aim for 30 minutes daily. Exercise can be as simple as a walk around campus or a swim in the Trinity Center for Women & Girls in Sports. Remember: All Trinity students have free access to the Trinity Center.

3. Avoid simple sugars

This one’s easy to remember: Stay away from soda, candy, cake, cookies.

4. Five a day

You’ve seen the posters, now put it in action. Aim for 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

5. Drink more water

Try to drink 64 ounces of water a day. That’s just 4 bottles that are 16 ounces. You can do that!

Bonus tip: Limit fast food (including pizza) to just once a week. This is a hard one, we know!

Check out the tools on the right – you can calculate your BMI, look up calories and learn more about “portion distortion.”

Tools You Can Use!

Aim for a Healthy Weight

· Portion Distortion
· Look Up Calories