Identifying Personnel Resources

Whether you need to identify your collegiate dean, inquire about direct deposit, need assistance with technology, or seeking the support of academic services, our Trinity administrative team is here to help. Outlined below is a list of personnel who can assist as you begin preparation for a new semester.

Administrative Offices

Office of Academic Affairs (Main 202):
Dr. Carlota O’Campo, Provost and Vice President for Academic
Dr. Debbie VanCamp,Vice President for Assessment and Academic Success
Ms. Kathelon Toliver, Assistant Provost of Academic Administration

Office of Enrollment Services (Main 154)
Ms. Cathy Geier, Vice President of Enrollment Services
Ms. Rachel Davis, University Registrar

Office of Human Resources (Main 134):
Ms. Tracey Prince, Executive Director of Human Resources
Ms. Hanan Adnan, HR Generalist
Ms. Chandra Hawkins, Asst. Director of Human Resources

Academic Support

Library Services (Sr. Helen Sheehan Library)
Ms. Trisha Smith, University Librarian (Library)

Academic Services and Tutoring (Library 104)
Dr. Kimberly LaBoone, Director of Academic Services
Ms. Kimberly McManus, Director of Disability Support Services (Office located Main 212)

Barnes&Noble Bookstore (Main Hall-Basement)
Ms. Tiffany Wilson, Bookstore Manager

Career Services  (Library 103)
Ms. Soulyka Agana-Woodbine, Director of Career Services

Writing Center (Library 103)

Collegiate Units

College of Arts and Sciences (Main 202):
Dr. Sita Ramamurti, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Ms. Tabatha Cuadra, Assistant Director of Academic Advising
Ms. Kenya Kirkland, Academic Advisor
Ms. Tamika Brown, Academic Advisor
Ms. Brittany Ginder, Academic Advisor
Ms. Jenyia Wilson, Academic Advisor
See Program Chairs & Specialists

The School of Education (Main 395)
Mr. Michael Rowe, Director of Early Childhood Education
Dr. Gladys Williams, Director of Education Administration
Mr. Antonio Otey, Advisor

The School of Nursing and Health Professions
(Academic Center 218)
Dr. Brigid Noonan, Dean of School of Nursing and Health Professions
Dr. Denise Pope, Associate Dean of NHP and Chief Nursing Officer
Ms. Sarah Trippensee, Assistant Dean of Nursing
Dr. Lisa Simmons, Director of Master of Occupational Therapy
Dr. Rashida Daye-Campbell, Director of Occupational Therapy Program
Ms. Kim Boddie, Occupational Therapy Administrative Assistant

The School of Professional Studies (Main 250)
Mr. Thomas Mostowy, Associate Dean, School of Professional Studies
Mr. Michael Rowe, Director of Early Childhood Education
Ms. Cristina Lynch, Director of Trinity @ THEARC
Ms. Brittany Wills, Advisor

The School of Business and Graduate Studies (Main 250)
Dr. Rehva Jones, Director of Business Programs
Dr. Jamal Watson, Director of Strategic Communication and Public Relations
Ms. Ayesha Shabazz, Academic Advisor

Technology Support

Moodle Support (Academic Center 122)
Ms. Katie Wanschura, Director of Instructional Technologies
Ms. Rosemary Feehan, Associate Director of Instructional Technologies

Technology Support Services (Academic Center 122)

Mr. Michael Burback, Director

Public Safety and Facilities

Department of Public Safety (Main Hall B-8)

Facilities Services
(Main B-32)

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